Pali Adventures Summer Camp

30778 Highway 18
Running Springs, CA 92382
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Camp Category: ACA Accredited, Adventure, Archery, Arts, Arts and Crafts, Circus, CIT Program, Culinary, Dance, Drama, Fashion Design, Film, Journalism, Music, Paintball, Performing Arts, Rock Climbling, Rock Music, Science, Theater, Water Sports, Multi-activity
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About Pali Adventures Camp

Pali Adventures is a one-of-a-kind overnight summer camp for kids ages 8-16, in Southern California near Los Angeles. The Pali experience is unique: campers choose a camp activity focus for their mornings and all of their own afternoon fun for a personalized adventure.

Pali is different from other specialty camps because our specialties are so accessible. Our programs are encouraging and supportive of all ability levels. We love to see campers explore activities they have only dreamed about – with no pressure to already be good at it.

Our campers follow their dreams, try incredible new things and gain lifelong friends in a safe and supportive environment. Send your child to the place where they will grow, feel successful and return home saying,
"Pali is the best camp ever!"
Less than two hours drive from most of Southern California, Pali Adventures is located at 30778 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382.

Please download detailed driving instructions, as some GPS services do not have accurate directions.
History & Philosophy
The "Pali" in Pali Adventures comes from the nickname for Pacific Palisades, a suburb located near Los Angeles, California. It's where the camp was founded by entrepreneur, Andy Wexler.

The very first "Pali Camp" was a summer day camp run by Andy and his team in 1990. His goal was to provide a safe environment for kids to try incredible new things. The camp was very successful and continued to grow over the next decade. In 1999, Andy purchased a 74-acre site in the mountains that was previously known as Camp O-Ongo. The stunning mountain location became known as Pali Mountain and evolved into the beautiful facility our campers are now lucky to enjoy. Andy strives to provide a safe environment where campers experience new things. He is regularly at camp to make sure everyone is having fun.

At Pali we are committed to the growth and development of our campers, and believe that camp is the best place for this to occur. Our mission is to provide memorable experiences in an inclusive community that fosters personal, social, and emotional growth. We are convinced of the power of camp to transform lives and have set specific goals so that we may achieve our mission.

Goals We Work Hard to Achieve Each Summer:
Develop 21st century skills Build confidence, self-esteem and independence Introduce new experiences Provide exposure to a verdant, natural, outdoor environment Develop well-adjusted and confident individuals, with an emphasis on respect, kindness and character.
Off-Road Tracks
Three custom dirt tracks circle through Pali's forests to create the ultimate off-roading playground for motorsports. We provide a fleet of four-wheel All Terrain Vehicles and mini motorcycles for our campers to try out – either as an elective or as part of our dedicated Motorsports specialty.

Basketball Court and Skate Park
Our multi-purpose blacktop area can be used as a basketball court or quickly converted into a skate park depending on the day's planned activities. We supply basketballs, skateboards and skate park elements like half pipes, rails and more.

Zip Line
Fly through the air on one of our two zip lines. Campers can even ride at the same time on separate cables and race each other through the air on our 700+ foot duel racer Zip Line!

Our large open field is often right at the heart of all camp activity. Just across from the dining hall, campers will gather here before meals or before heading out to activities. The field is also the location of countless activities every day, from soccer to ultimate frisbee to the all-camp water balloon fight on Friday afternoons.

Ropes Courses
We are proud to offer a wide variety of high and low ropes course challenges, with five separate courses appropriate for all ages and levels of ability. Our ropes courses are a highlight in many of our specialty programs (such as Secret Agent and Girl Power) but are also available to all campers as afternoon activity choices.

Swimming Pool
The pool is a fun social hangout – the perfect place to cool down on a hot day or to relax and read a book. Many of our specialty programs utilize this area to throw fun pool parties throughout the week. We keep the pool stocked with lounge chairs and pool toys, and always have two lifeguards on duty when the pool is in use.

Archery Ranges
Archery is one of our most traditional camp activities and remains a camper favorite. Our ranges feature large targets and clearly defined firing lines as well as all of the required equipment.

Huckleberry Hall
Pali's newest addition is a grand dining hall and multi-purpose meeting space. With an area of 27,000 square feet, Huckleberry Hall has more than enough room for our growing number of campers to eat and play comfortably.
Our campers live in group cabins of 10 campers and 2 counselors. Our cabins feature solid wood built-in twin-size bunks with real mattresses. Some of our cabins include a small sitting area.

Private, residential-style bathroom and shower facilities are inside the cabins. Campers may use the facilities comfortably, unlike some more "rough" outdoor experiences.

All cabins have fresh spring water for drinking. Radiant floor heating keeps cabins warm when it gets chilly.

Campers bring their own pillows and sleeping bag, or linens for a twin-sized bed. Our amazing housekeeping team services bathrooms and cabins daily and deep cleans weekly.
Food & Nutrition
Our wonderful kitchen staff creates three unique and delicious meals every day. Our food is healthy and kid-tested. We prepare meals from scratch, every day.

Campers wake to the smell of fresh-baked bread from our state-of-the-art bakery. Breakfast includes milk, juices, teas, hot and cold cereals, fruits and a hot breakfast protein. A vegetarian alternative is always offered.

At lunch and dinner, our chef always offers two hot entrees, at least one is a vegetarian dish. A full salad bar with a cold protein choice is always available. Unlimited natural spring water, tea, hot chocolate and fountain drinks are all included.

At dinner, we serve a homemade dessert or ice cream.

We are happy to accommodate special dietary requests – feel free to ask us about your child's needs. Our goal is to have each camper saying how much they loved the food at Pali!
Day at Camp
7:30am Wake Up – Experts agree it's the best way to start the day
8:00am Watch out for water balloons!
8:30am Breakfast – Fuel up for a fun-filled day
9:45am to 12:45pm It's Specialty Time!
1:00pm LUNCH! Recharge with something healthy and delicious
2:00pm to 2:50pm Cabin Time
3:00pm to 3:55pm 1st Elective Period
4:00pm to 4:55pm 2nd Elective Period
5:00pm to 5:55pm 3rd Elective Period
6:00pm Dine and Dance – After such a fun day, dinners are more like celebrations where counselors will get campers dancing and singing throughout the meal
7:45pm Evening Activity
9:00pm Rest and Relaxation, Junior campers prep for bed ,Teens may go to the camp store and/or the Teen Lounge
10:00pm Lights out for Juniors - Teens prep for bed
11:00pm Lights out for Teens
Packing List
One week stay
  • 8 pair of underwear (including bras for girls)
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 4 - 5 pairs of shorts
  • 1 - 2 pairs of long pants, jeans or sweats
  • 6 – 7 short sleeved T-shirts
Two-week stay
  • 16 pair of underwear (including bras for girls)
  • 16 pairs of socks
  • 8 -10 pairs of shorts
  • 2 - 3 pairs of long pants, jeans or sweats
  • 13 – 14 short sleeved T-shirts
Always needed:
  • 1 pair of sturdy sandals, thongs or Tevas.
  • 1 - 2 pair of tennis shoes 1 - 2 long sleeved shirts
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1 hat
  • 1 semi-nice outfit (for the dance!)
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 2 towels
  • 1 beach towel
  • 2 sets of PJ's
  • Bedding
  • Toiletries (Please include sunscreen, lip balm and moisturizer.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Day pack – small backpack for daily items
  • Disposable camera
  • Pens, pencils, paper, stamps
  • Deck of cards or community game (Optional)

  • No green or blue t-shirts! (We use a green and a blue screen)

Secret Agent Camp
  • A sleeping bag and backpack for optional overnight trip.
  • Additional long pants and sweatshirts (Paintball)
  • Closed toe shoes

Motorsports / Extreme Action / Girl Power
  • Additional long pants
  • Closed toe shoes

  • 1 extra bathing suit/pair of swimming trunks
  • 1 extra beach towel.
  • Wetsuit/springsuit (optional, recommended)
  • Rash guard Tees
  • Windbreaker/Waterproof Jacket
  • Extra-strength sunscreen (30-50+)
  • Brimmed hat

  • Dance shoes (optional)
  • Leggings

Flying trapeze/ Circus
  • No baggy clothes
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops (optional)
Who Are Pali Staff?
Pali staff are extraordinary people from all over the world. They are diverse, vibrant, fun and relatable. They are unique because they must not only meet the needs of our campers and make sure each child is having an amazing time, but must also possess advanced skills or professional expertise in one of our specialty program areas. They are the people your child will come home talking about – perhaps with the English or Australian accents your child will come home impersonating. They are your child's new role models, heroes, confidants and friends.
Selection Process
The uniqueness of our camp program attracts a large number of applicants and we are able to choose only the very best to work with your kids. Candidates that advance past an initial screening undergo a rigorous multi-step hiring process. Potential staff members are interviewed one-on-one by the camp directors, pass comprehensive background checks, submit to drug testing and provide at least three references who are all personally contacted by our team. Only candidates who are truly outstanding are selected.

Our staff begin preparing for camp months before our campers arrive by studying pre-orientation manuals and completing online training courses and certifications. Then they arrive here at Pali before the season starts for a comprehensive 14 day training period, learning to safely operate all activities around camp. Our on-site training is well above the industry standard of 7-10 days to ensure our staff are fully prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for your children. Training includes CPR/First Aid Certification, child psychology, conflict resolution, and much more.

1 to 3 Staff to Camper Ratio
We are proud to maintain an overall staff-to-camper ratio of better than 1 to 3 – one of the lowest in the industry – to provide your child with personal, 24/7 supervision. Pali staff are carefully chosen, well-trained, and responsible. We choose our summer camp staff with the utmost care since they are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for each child at camp. Our extensive training exceeds industry standards and fully equips each staff member for the summer ahead.

Pali People
Pali Adventures' cutting-edge programs and dedication to excellence attracts individuals from across the globe. The Pali community consists of campers and staff from many different backgrounds and with many different interests. This diverse group of friendly personalities helps make Pali a truly special place.
Heath and Safety
Parents need to know that their children are safe. ACA Accreditation ensures that we've addressed safety aspects of every part of Pali Adventures.

Registered nurses are on-site 24/7 to care for the daily needs of our campers, and we are fully prepared for any emergencies. Pali Mountain gate access requires a code or office approval to enter. Learn more about everything we do to keep your kids safe while they are entrusted to our care.

Emergency Care
We do everything in our power to ensure our campers are as safe. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, we are well-prepared. A designated doctor is on call in the local emergency room and several other hospitals with emergency medical services are only a short drive away.
  • Fire, Police, EMT – 3 miles away
  • Mountains Community Hospital – 7 miles away
  • Urgent Care – 12 miles away
  • Staff carry radios 24/7.
Wellness Center
Our wellness center is a warm and friendly infirmary staffed 24/7 by licensed nurses. There are comfortable beds and couches for kids who may not be feeling their best. We carry a full supply of basic over-the-counter medications (cough medicine, Pepto Bismol, cough drops) and healthcare products like sunscreen and lip balm – all free of charge for any kids who need them. (With nurse and parent approval.) Our nurses are always on-site to care for children's daily health needs and any emergencies. They administer all medication and store it safely in the wellness center.

Pali Adventures takes responsibility for your child's care very seriously. The American Camp Association (ACA) offers a comprehensive camp-focused accreditation that is a parent's best evidence of a camp's commitment to health and safety.
ACA accreditation means that we voluntarily undergo a thorough third-party review of our operation, verifying that we have complied with 250+ standards for health, safety, and program quality. Accreditation standards cover all aspects of camp operation such as foodservice, healthcare, emergency procedures, transportation, management, waterfront activities, safety equipment, staff qualifications , and training. We choose to be accredited so that we can provide your child with the safest camp environment possible.
Directions & Transportation
Pali Mountain is located between 65-95 miles from Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Parents have the option of driving their campers to camp, taking advantage of our charter bus service, or using one of the two local airports, LAX and Ontario.

Charter Bus Service Pali Adventures offers charter bus service from Aiden's Place, in Los Angeles, just off of Sepulveda Blvd (near the Federal Building), South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) and The Container Store at Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego). Early – Mid-morning times and locations will be confirmed by email the week prior to departure) Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. Buses will return to the same location on Saturdays at 12:00 noon. The price for transportation is $50 one-way or $100 round trip.

Airport Service Pali offers airport service on check-in and check-out days at Ontario Airport and LAX. Ontario is the preferred airport since it's the closest to the camp and requires a shorter trip than LAX. The price for transportation from the Ontario Airport is $50 one-way or $100 round trip. The price for transportation from LAX is $120 one- way or $240 round-trip.

View and download our transportation guide with directions, drop-off procedures, airport and bus transportation, and other general guidelines: Transportation Guide PDF
What age does my child have to be to attend Pali Adventures?
Pali Adventures is open to young people between the ages of 8 and 16 during the time they attend camp. Please speak to us regarding children younger than 8 if you feel they show camp readiness.

What are the session themes for 2020?
Each week of camp has a special theme, which is reflected in costumes and evening programs, especially in the Thursday night Pali Dance. We will announce our 2020 themes soon.

Summer 2019's themes were awesome:
  • Session 1. Blast from the past (80's Neon dance)
  • Session 2. Mythology
  • Session 3. Freedom Red, White and Blue
  • Session 4. Magic
  • Session 5. Holidays
  • Session 6. Super Heroes and Villains
  • Session 7. Halloween
  • Session 8. Around the World
  • Session 9. Shipwrecked
How does cabin bunking work?
Camp friends are the best friends! In our Pali cabins, your child has the opportunity to make eight or nine new best friends, from all over the USA and even from around the world! This interaction is part of what makes the camp experience unique and wonderful. In order to continue making Pali a special place for friends to meet, learn new cultures, and experience new personalities, we have developed the following guidelines.

  • Bunking is gender and age appropriate. Cabin groups will not have campers aged more than one year apart, though they may encompass more than one grade level.
  • We honor all reciprocated bunking requests provided they fall within our guidelines.
  • In order to prevent cliques, we allow each camper a maximum of two friend requests.
  • Bunk requests made less than two weeks before camp may not be honored.
  • For programming reasons, campers aged 12 and under are not put in cabins with campers aged 13 and older. This allows us to run different activities appropriate for younger or older campers.
  • If a 13-year-old wishes to be bunked with a 12-year-old, they'll be bunked in the younger cabin. Rules pertaining to campers 12 and under will apply to them.
  • Campers that attend for two weeks usually will be grouped together so they don't need to change cabins at the end of a week. This allows for stronger bonds with counselors and fellow two-week campers. A two-week camper may opt to move to a one-week cabin to be with a friend.
Pali understands the concerns you have as parents. Typically, parents find these policies more difficult to live with than the campers do! While having four or five friends in the same cabin gives an initial sense of comfort, we have found it does not provide a full summer camp experience for all campers involved. We like to encourage campers and parents alike to take advantage of the chance for the camper to meet fantastic new people in their cabin since the structure of Pali Adventures' programming allows plenty of time to be spent with friends and siblings:

  • Our program is not cabin-based.
  • Campers choose their own specialty.
  • Campers choose their own afternoon electives and can choose to do activities with their friends.
  • Many of our evening activities are camp-wide activities.
  • The cabin unit, while still producing new best friends, will not restrict campers from making new friends outside of their cabin and does not restrict campers from also spending quality time with old friends while at camp.

Do you offer cancellation insurance? What is your refund policy?

Yes, we offer cancellation insurance for $150 per week, per camper. Since we have a limited number of beds at Pali, most parents enroll their children in camp months in advance to ensure a spot. We realize that situations arise (i.e. illness, family emergencies, change of plans, etc.); therefore, Pali is happy to offer a camp cancellation insurance program that must be purchased at the time of enrollment.
If cancellation insurance is purchased and cancellation happens before:
  • 2/1/2020: 100% refund
  • 3/1/2020: 75% refund
  • 4/1/2020: 50% refund
* There will be no refund after 4/1/2020.

Camp Program

Before they arrive at camp, each camper chooses one focus, or "specialty," for each week they attend camp. Mornings are spent in their chosen specialty all week, under the instruction of experts in each particular area. We are proud to offer 28 amazing programs – from Aviation and Secret Agent Camp to Movie Makeup – and everything in between.

Our specialties are organized into four broad categories:

  • Adventure
  • Creativity
  • Performance
  • CIT Leadership
Adventure Specialties
In Pali's aviation specialty, campers learn the basics of aviation with hands-on activities. Campers develop an understanding of aerodynamics then build and launch a rocket. They handle our quadrotor drones for a birdseye view of Pali.

With our VR flight simulator, campers practice takeoffs and landings under different conditions. Campers exercise problem-solving and critical thinking skills all week. The capper of the week? A real flight above the beautiful San Bernardino mountains with a qualified pilot-instructor!

  • Learn about drag and lift
  • Build and test a rocket
  • Fly drones
  • VR Flight Simulation
  • Fly in a real helicopter
Extreme Action
Extreme Action campers indulge in the most heart-pounding, dirt-filled, high-speed action experiences available. Under the attentive supervision of our expertly trained staff, of course. Each morning packs in exhilarating and wild outdoor adventures. Action that encourages campers to reach new heights in self-esteem and confidence. Whether kicking up dust on an ATV or flying high on a zipline, our Extreme Action campers get a taste of the best Pali has to offer.

Every day is different — but always full of extreme fun
  • ATV action
  • Rock wall climbing
  • Laser tag battles
  • Mountain biking along Pali's beautiful trails
  • Heart-pounding paintball
  • Challenging ropes courses
  • Skateboarding and rollerblading
Flying Trapeze
There is nothing better than the sensation of soaring through the air!
Professional trapeze and aerial artists teach your camper to gracefully swing their way through blue skies on 2 full-size trapeze rigs nestled in our beautiful forest surroundings. Campers gain confidence, develop strength, flexibility and balance. They learn to trust new abilities, such as hanging, flying, catching and more!
  • Full-size trapeze rigs with safety lines and netting
  • Aerial silks pavilion with silks, lyra and hammock
  • Constant skill acquisition and progression
  • Conquer fears in an exhilarating high-flying adventure
Girl Power
There are no limits to what a girl can do! Pali's girls-only specialty empowers girls of all ages to participate in thrilling action. They conquer activities as diverse and spirited as themselves. When they aren't conquering our high ropes course or showing the world how awesome they are at paintball, campers pamper themselves with manicures, pedicures, face masks, yoga and tasty smoothies.
We inspire Girl Power campers and build their confidence and self-esteem. They embrace new challenges and experience new adventures – in a safe, motivating environment, surrounded by a supportive sisterhood.
Simply put – Girl Power rocks!
  • Tear up Pali's ATV tracks
  • Conquer fears on the ropes course and zipline
  • Challenge friends to some exciting paintball
  • Learn to kick butt with self-defense classes
  • Enjoy roller skating and skateboarding
  • Rejuvenate with a spa day
Hollywood Stunts
Hollywood Stunts is a thrilling exercise in overcoming fears!
Campers learn how to do stunts from experienced instructors and discover what it's like to be a world-class action hero. Swords, combat, falls and choreography are part of the mix. Safety first! Experienced instructors provide personalized coaching and close supervision for all stunts.
Behind the scenes, campers use professional grade props, mats and safety equipment.
After five days of mastering stunt techniques, campers surprise their fellow campers with special stunt performances.
  • Cross swords and learn hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Develop and perfect safe technique
  • Master shoulder rolls, tumbling and the mini trampoline
  • Collaborate with others to create unique fight scenes
  • Perform falls from as high as 30 feet
  • On-set safety instruction
  • Professionally choreographed fight scenes
  • Professional grade mats
Dungeons! Dragons! Heroes! Villains!
Live Action Role Play at Pali is ideal for imaginative kids. Campers play the roles they want to play—in exactly the way they want to play them. They use their imaginations, problem-solving and storytelling skills on a daily basis. Campers participate in interactive role-play that encourages them to be physically, socially and mentally active.
The only limit to what they can achieve is their imagination!
  • Engage in ongoing live-action D&D-style campaigns
  • Develop their own character
  • Design their character's costume, or bring one from home
  • Build their own one-of-a-kind Boffer weapons
  • Test skills in archery and tomahawk-throwing challenges
  • Build campaigns, quests and challenges
Campers satisfy their need for speed as they navigate multiple adrenaline-pumping courses and blast to the finish line!
Hearts pound as they learn trail-blazing techniques and high precision moves under the instruction and supervision of experienced riders.
Riders who have mastered the necessary skills and safety requirements wrap up their week with the pure excitement of an off-road trail ride.
  • 3 Custom-built racetracks
  • Mini bikes
  • ATV quads
  • Off-site go-karting at local indoor raceways
  • Explore the far reaches of Pali during an exciting trail ride
Ninja Warrior
Pali's Ultimate Challenge!
It is said a ninja can conquer any terrain, and our Ninja Warrior campers live up to that challenge in a program that teaches balance, physical conditioning and problem solving skills. Our "Ninja Masters" will help campers hone their mind, body, strength and precision to take on our epic, multi-stage obstacle course and become a Pali Ninja Warrior!
  • Develop strength and balance with acro-yoga and slack-lining
  • Expand problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Climb to the top of our rock wall
  • Use parkour and gymnastics techniques to master Pali's ninja obstacle course
Secret Agent
Campers go undercover and become the next James Bond or Black Widow!
Secret Agents are trained to expect the unexpected, and they love these unexpectedly awesome activities. Each day, campers have the time of their life as they work together to complete missions and earn their stripes. At the end of the week, they graduate as new secret agents and receive a custom dog tag.
  • ATV quads
  • Paintball tactics and missions
  • High ropes challenges
  • Martial arts and self-defense
  • Riflery and archery target practice
  • An optional overnight mission!
Wacky Sports
This is the perfect specialty for active campers who enjoy the sillier side of sports and just want to have a blast trying new things!
Each day, campers will participate in a variety of active and enjoyable games and activities. All a little different from what campers might expect. They learn the fine art of stealing bases during slip 'n' slide baseball, challenge their balance with a log roll, become a hero when they capture the flag, and much more.
Our Wacky Sports coaches inspire good sportsmanship, character building and creativity as campers revel in the fun of learning new skills, making new friends and having a blast!
  • Fun Fitness
  • Only Fun Competition
  • Creative Rule-Making and Breaking
  • Non-Traditional Sports
Water Sports
Your camper will be the first at camp to get up, get going and live large on beautiful Big Bear Lake! Whether this is a camper's first time trying water sports or they're ready to learn some advanced moves, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Campers focus on high-speed thrills or balance the action with some relaxing downtime on our home-base pontoon boats.
  • Develop confidence while kneeboarding
  • Develop skill while water skiing and wakeboarding
  • Carve up the lake while wakesurfing
  • Have fun with friends while tubing
  • Explore Big Bear Lake at high speed on a jet ski
Creative Specialties
Spice up your summer! Campers create delicious food inspired by cuisine from around the world—while having a blast!
Instructors lead culinary novices and junior chefs in culinary techniques and safety while encouraging artistic flair and creativity. Campers gain confidence with the tools of the trade in our commercial grade kitchens.
Knives, thermometers, spoons and scales are part of the fun—although no Gordon Ramsay screaming allowed.
Campers learn the basics for appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts to take home and wow family and friends.
Campers wrap up their week with Pali's colossal Friday cooking competition. Working in small groups, campers put their new culinary skills to the test to impress the judges and rule supreme, "Iron Chef" style!
  • Bake, dice, chop, slice, grill, measure, mix, dress and more
  • Learn culinary techniques and safety
  • Create appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts
  • Experiment with bold flavors
  • Incorporate a wide variety of ingredients
  • Change it up with daily themes
Even if campers don't know a button from a bobby pin, they enjoy the whole journey of making an outfit. Campers learn from concept to design to the finished product.
Campers use mood boards, sketches, patterns and more to design their own clothing lines and bring their visions to life. Then, Pali's fashionistas strut their stuff and debut their designs on the catwalk at the popular Pali Showcase!
  • Learn to sew and use patterns
  • Create mood boards, sketches and illustrations
  • Understand how clothing fits on the human body
  • Create clothes and accessories
  • Add some flair with bedazzling
Is your camper the next Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee or Nora Ephron?
The Pali film program is perfect! Your camper journeys from script to screen. They imagine and develop an idea into a short film and learn hands-on how to direct a movie.
At the end of the week, campers premiere their movie on the big screen at the fabulous Pali Showcase.
  • Create a short film from start to finish
  • Write and direct the next hot script
  • Cast actors from our Acting specialty
  • Learn camera operation, sound, and lighting
  • Learn post-production editing
  • Utilize stock footage
  • Add special effects
Fine Arts
The beautiful natural surroundings at Pali inspire campers to create their best work. Our instructors are talented creators who guide aspiring artists of all levels every step of the way.
Campers challenge their inner artist and discover new ways to express themselves in a different medium each day.
At the end of the week, campers have masterpieces of their own to take home!
  • Fabricate one-of-a-kind jewelry
  • Master the colors in acrylic painting
  • Experiment with charcoal drawing
  • Forge stained glass creations
  • Fashion an original mosaic
Movie Make Up
Goblins, gashes and great works of art!
In our movie makeup specialty, campers create glamorous characters and gruesome monsters!
Using special techniques taught by professional makeup artists, campers learn the art of transforming each other into Hollywood-worthy characters, fairy princesses, wild animals, ghosts or zombies.
At the end of the week, campers take on a challenge to create a completely original character of their choice.
  • Learn makeup styles for film and theatre
  • Master application techniques
  • Create realistic gashes, cuts, burns and bullet holes
  • Character creation
  • Monsters and zombies
Potions & Lotions
Enter a world of relaxation and rejuvenation where campers channel their inner Zen and learn to create their own holistic products. Campers make their own soaps, candles, perfumes, aromatherapy lotions, and even their own face masks.
Our instructors also teach campers lessons in well-being, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation.
Campers return home more centered, a lot more creative and with new life skills that promote happiness and success in the years ahead!
  • Discover and experiment with everyday items to create unique beauty products
  • Make soaps, candles, perfumes, lotions and face masks
  • Learn and practice mindfulness
  • Master relaxation and grounding techniques
Street Art
If your camper can imagine it, they can paint it!
Street Art takes creative license to an entirely new level.
Campers expand their horizons with non-traditional techniques and emerging art forms, create original stencils and develop control as they paint.
Using Virtual Reality, our street artists practice the basics before tackling real-world expression and displaying their art at Pali with a large mural for all to see.
  • Create original stencils
  • Learn and develop control while painting with spray paint
  • Add some color to Pali with chalk murals
  • Hone skills in a virtual world
  • Design and produce large scale works of art
Wacky Science
Ice cream! Gummy worms! The ever-popular slime!
In this specialty, campers have a lot of hands-on fun. They explore a variety of science-related activities. They learn how to combine everyday items to create amazing reactions, participate in awesome projects and conduct edible experiments.
Basically, campers get to blow things up, blast off rockets, create crazy concoctions and build stink bombs!
(All under the watchful eye of our attentive experts, of course.)
  • Develop a greater appreciation and understanding of scientific experimentation
  • Hands-on learning
  • Create edible gummy worms, sherbet and ice cream
  • Make gross slime
  • Design catapults
  • Build and launch rockets
Performance Specialties
It's time for your close-up! At Pali, talents emerge and personalities flourish!
Enter the Actor's studio for in-depth work in technique, stagecraft and presence. Acting camp is perfect for beginners or experienced actors. Practice for stage and film, deliver monologues and ensemble performances.
Campers have plenty of group work and individual coaching to bring out their very best. Whether they are the veterans of the film industry or stars of their own living rooms, there's always something to explore and learn.
Our instructors empower Acting campers to bring their best work to the table. It's a safe and supportive environment for growth. Campers always come out of their shells and make great new friendships with fellow theater-lovers.
Acting camp is hands-on and action-packed. Each day of camp is a balance between in-class exercises, acting in films and just plain fun. Campers work with master actors/counselors to learn to think, act and move authentically in imaginary circumstances.
Instructors introduce or build upon acting techniques and theory to help campers prepare for acting on set and on stage.
Acting campers collaborate with filmmaking students to make short films. They put their acting techniques to work! Campers audition, take on new characters, cooperate with directors and perform in a nurturing, fun and wildly creative atmosphere.
Each week ends in a spectacular display of talent. Campers showcase their own original skits camp-wide. Enthusiastic applause guaranteed!
  • Develop fundamental acting skills
  • Hone techniques specific to both live and movie acting
  • Think creatively, interpret stories and bring life to characters
  • Practice monologues and original skits
  • Enjoy fun acting and improv games
  • Learn audition and performance techniques
  • Act in a film
  • Take home a headshot for future auditions
Tonight on KPAL News… and your camper has the exclusive. Your camper is first on the scene at Pali's very own nightly news station.
Broadcasting campers break into on-screen journalism with Pali's own nightly news feature. Campers collaborate to produce, report and host each day's broadcast. Campers get practical hands-on experience as hard-hitting journalists, creative editors and on-air talent. Our professional studio means that campers file their own stories with professional video and sound equipment, anchor the broadcast from our green-screen studio desk and edit the results. This is the perfect opportunity to take a spin as on-air talent or as a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker. Each day's broadcast is premieres for the whole camp at dinner. The perfect place for a sound bite or two!
  • Research and write news stories
  • Conduct on-camera interviews
  • Produce on-location segments
  • Learn mic and cue card techniques
  • Anchor in front of a green screen
  • Operate cameras, sound and lighting
  • Master journalistic ethics
  • Enhance public speaking skills
Cirque Du Pali
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Campers of all ages!
Come one! Come all! To Cirque du Pali!

The human body is an amazing instrument. Instead of lions, tigers and bears, Cirque du Pali campers put their bodies through the paces. Imagine a place where gravity is optional. Performers mold music, colors and shapes into an artistic spectacle.
Campers marvel at the skills of our experienced performers. Then they learn the tricks of the trade. Under careful supervision of our trained instructors, they use professional equipment. Campers learn basic acrobatics, circus and safety techniques on a variety of equipment. Juggling, diabolo and spinning poi, for example. Then balancing on a slack line or hanging from silks. They perfect their balance and coordination on the ground and in the air. Practice builds strength and confidence. Hair-raising feats of flying and fast-paced juggling action will make your camper want to come back for more!
  • Learn coordination skills while practicing diablo, juggling and poi (twirling)
  • Develop strength and balance with acro-yoga and slacklining
  • Expand aerial art skills in disciplines such as lyra, silks and hammock
  • Take to the skies in the Pali Aerial Arts Pavilion
Is your camper a Seinfeld or a Chapelle?
A Leslie Jones or a Melissa McCarthy?
Do they prefer Saturday Night Live or Whose Line Is It Anyway?

At Pali, experienced instructors help your camper discover their voice. Then they develop their self-confidence and deliver their comedic vision.
Each week is a unique exploration of improvisation, sketch and ensemble work and stand-up. Instructors help campers find their comedic point of view and prepare the right delivery. Campers use creative writing skills, critical thinking (it helps to think in tangents!) and comedic timing to "have 'em rollin' in the aisles!" With a week of practicing the essential elements of physical and verbal comedy, campers wow the audience at the Pali showcase with a primetime-worthy performance.
  • Learn the ins and outs of stand-up, improv, sketch and physical comedy
  • Discover a personal point of view and comic persona
  • Learn how to write a "tight 5"
  • Take a sketch from initial concept to performance-ready script
  • Master how to work the crowd to keep them engaged and laughing
So we think you can dance!
Pali dancers of all levels are encouraged to let go and boogie on the dance floor. They learn various techniques, fun exercises and the moves made famous by their favorite performers.
Campers flourish in a safe and supportive studio with individualized attention from experienced dance instructors.Plenty of room to come out of their shell at their own pace!
After mastering the basics, campers perform their own original choreography to cheering crowds at the Pali Showcase!
  • Great for all levels of experience
  • Master the basics
  • Discover a variety of styles or focus on favorites
  • Develop confidence
  • Enjoy fun dance exercises
  • Learn famous moves
  • Perform at the Pali Showcases
It doesn't get much cooler than this!
Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Alison Wonderland. They all started somewhere.

In our DJ specialty, campers sample what it's like to create a magical atmosphere that gets everyone up and having a great time. Campers conquer beat-matching, song dropping and mixing on high-tech virtual turntables. Then, they tackle the ultimate DJ experience when they throw down their own DJ set for their fellow campers at the Pali Dance!
  • Learn the hottest DJ tips and practical techniques from pro DJs
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment and software
  • Develop a DJ persona
  • DJ events around camp
  • Return home with a recording
Entertain and amaze!
A professional magician helps your camper build a foundation of skills for all types of magic. We can't reveal all our magician's secrets, but we can tell you that your camper will develop their own magician's persona and performance skills as they learn how to present new illusions, boost their confidence and wow friends and family.
  • Amaze with stunning close-up magic
  • Develop astounding sleight of hand
  • Keep people guessing with incredible card tricks
  • Learn basic illusions
  • Return home with a bag of tricks
Rock Star
With exclusive access to our state-of-the-art recording studios, campers learn to play their favorite songs, write their own original music and unleash their inner rock star!
Our industry professionals – offer instruction in guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. Campers are welcome to bring their own instrument or use one of ours. An essential aspect of the Rock Star experience is learning to make music with other people. Campers collaborate with each other and with their instructors to form small bands and performance groups.
Your camper experiences what it's like to be a real rock star at the Rock Star Showcase, where all of Pali will cheer them on!
  • Learn songwriting techniques
  • Discover and improve singing skills
  • Create an onstage persona
  • Record in a state-of-the-art studio
  • Learn guitar, bass, drums and/or keys
  • Collaborate with other musicians and singers
  • Perform for the entire camp
CIT Leadership Program
Pali's summer camp environment is the ideal setting for teens (aged 15-16) to begin the journey from camper to counselor in our Counselor-in-Training program.

CIT offers the perfect opportunity to develop leadership skills that bring lasting benefits to every aspect of your camper's life. CIT Campers take a hands-on approach to problem-solving, teamwork and project management.

CIT campers plan and implement an elective on their own (with counselor supervision) for a taste of behind the scenes work. The CIT experience is a great bridge for campers outgrowing the overnight summer camp experience to possible teaching and coaching careers.

Campers spend mornings in intensive training and planning sessions then enjoy afternoons and evenings in all of the incredible Pali Adventures camp activities of their choice.

  • Attain First Aid, CPR & AED certification
  • Earn volunteer service hours credit
  • Plan and run an afternoon elective
  • Learn how to "belay" others on the ropes course
  • Master ground-based and high ropes challenges
  • Hone leadership skills that will serve in college and beyond
  • Archery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • ATV Quads
  • Aussie Cooking
  • Basketball
  • Bedazzling
  • Card Games
  • Cooking
  • Duct Tape Art
  • Gaga
  • Giant Triple Swing
  • Inflatables
  • Inline Skating
  • Jet Skis
  • Laser Tag
  • Log Rolling
  • Magic Cards
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Music Jam Session
  • Nine Square
  • Paintball
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Relaxation
  • Riflery
  • Ropes Courses
  • Shaving Cream Fights
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • Trapeze
  • Tubing
  • Water War
  • Yoga
  • Zip Lines
  • Zumba
Evening Activities
  • Bananarama
  • Casino Night
  • Color Chaos
  • Counselor Auction
  • Midnight Delight
  • Mumic Mania
  • Pandemonium
  • Rock Star Showcase
  • The Pali Showcase
  • Themes & Dances
  • Welcome Campfire

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