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About Outpost Summer Camps

The best part of Outpost is the joy of making and keeping friends! Surrounded by so many great people, everyone really becomes friends over three weeks, and relationships that start at camp often last a lifetime! Outpost is 100% outdoors and 100% unplugged. Outpost campers reconnect with nature, getting the exercise their bodies need, seeing their inner creativity spring back to life untethered to devices or at-home comforts.

What children want most is to belong; to be accepted by a group of peers and the adults that lead their group. At Outpost Summer Camps, this is a central theme of all of our programming. We call this "group-centered camping," and the focus is on creating an environment in which each camper feels like he or she belongs to the group. This in turn fosters confidence, creativity, social skills, and a positive sense of self and of community.
Our Day Camp and Senior Outpost programs are based at Canyonside Community Park in Rancho Penasquitos, adjacent to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, a 3700 acre wilderness preserve jointly operated by the City and County of San Diego. Our Pre Camp program is located at North City Presbyterian Church in Poway.

Outpost serves the communities of Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Santaluz, Rancho Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Carmel Mountain Ranch, 4S Ranch, and Poway, along with several neighboring communities.
Camp overview
Outpost Summer Camps (OSC) offers ACA accredited Summer Day Camp programs and school-year seasonal programs located in the north inland "I-15 corridor" of San Diego, California. OSC was founded in 2001, is celebrating its 19th summer in 2020, and is privately owned and operated by Outpost Recreation and Education, Inc. Stuart and Kelly Jones are the Executive Directors, and they welcome new parents to our organization, the inspiration of which came from Stuart's childhood camp: Tom Sawyer Camps in Altadena, CA.

Our philosophy on children and their development is foundational to everything we do. What children want most is to belong; to be accepted by a group of peers and the adults that lead their group. At Outpost Summer Camps, this is a central theme of all of our programming. We call this "group-centered camping," and the focus is on creating an environment in which each camper feels like he or she belongs to the group. This in turn fosters confidence, creativity, social skills, and a positive sense of self and of community.
While most programs for children place the focus on the activities, our model for success is built around the process. Our staff are specially trained to nurture campers and help them grow and develop during the summer season, guiding them through the process of learning and mastering new skills, creating and maintaining positive peer friendships, and enjoying themselves outdoors. In fact, this is the secret behind our program and our success – how we provide camp is more important that what we do.

Our daily program schedule leaves opportunities for staff to create customized adventures throughout the day, using the group's name and traditions that are made up by the kids and counselors themselves. In this type of program, the campers are the stars! Rather than coming home and responding to the standard "How was your day?" question with "Fine," our campers excitedly describe their unique adventures to the tiniest detail!

What children want most is to belong; to be accepted by a group of peers and the adults that lead their group. At Outpost Summer Camps, this is a central theme of all of our programming. We call this "group-centered camping," and the focus is on creating an environment in which each camper feels like he or she belongs to the group. This in turn fosters confidence, creativity, social skills, and a positive sense of self and of community.

Creating this special environment is the task of our directors and staff. It is a deliberate process that takes a great deal of both education and experience. Our directors are professionals with years of experience creating positive and safe experiences for children.

As an accredited member camp in the American Camp Association (ACA) since 2002, and with directors actively involved in ACA, Outpost provides a true, powerful "camp" experience.
Why Outpost Summer Camps?
Set Up for Success
Our staff are skilled at pacing the day appropriately by ensuring that activities alternate between very active and quietly passive. By tailoring the day to the appropriate age, each camper can navigate camp more successfully.

100% Outside and Unplugged
Outpost's entirely outdoor environment allows our campers to reconnect with nature, get the exercise their bodies need and see their inner creativity spring back to life untethered to devices or at-home comforts.

Starting the Day Right
Each morning we begin with a high energy welcome we lovingly called "Blitz". It's an exciting and engaging game with songs, skits, call backs and other activities combined to set the right tone of silliness, creativity and energy for the rest of the day.

Unique and Customized Adventures
Each group's experiences are tailored to the age, gender and personality of the campers. Our counselors embrace the creativity and differences of each camper to create an inclusive environment and unique group identity.

Small Groups
Small groups of the same age are the focus of our program's design. Group centered camping gives children the best opportunity to experience the powerful feeling of belonging, make and keep new friendships, and connect with their counselors.

A Life Skills Multi-Vitamin
Each group has their own secret tree fort located in our canyon preserve where facilitated free play encourages campers to get back to basics and simply play outside. This allows campers to learn collaboration, creativity, initiative, leadership and responsibility.

Genuine Connections
Our small group sizes and longer sessions give each camper the opportunity to genuinely connect with and keep friends. We have found that this is especially important for our youngest campers as they adjust to the camp day with familiar faces.

Hand Picked Staff
Our counselors are carefully selected and intentionally trained to ensure every child feels included, valued and appreciated. We pride ourselves on our counselors; they're the ones who create the magic.

Back to Basics
Campers visit a tree fort where facilitated free play encourages campers to get back to basics and simply play outside. This allows campers to learn collaboration, creativity, initiative, leadership and responsibility.

Strong Sense of Belonging
Each group's unique sense of identity and inclusivity provides a safe platform for kids to develop their physical, emotional and social skills by choosing group activities, trying new and silly things, and enjoying themselves outdoors.

Ending on a High Note
Our closing "Campfire" at the end of each day is an all camp gathering where groups get the opportunity to showcase their unique identity and experiences. There are skits, challenges, flag exchanges, songs and more inspired and created by the campers.

Lasting Memories
We find that campers remember most the in-between moments filled with inside jokes, ridiculous games and silly conversations. From ninja spying on another to group to leaving notes to the Leaf People, these are the stories you'll hear from your campers over dinner.
Pre Camp (Ages 3-5)
Pre Camp is the "perfect first camp experience" created just for our youngest campers. Carefully designed by our directors to be a nurturing introductory program for preschoolers located in Poway just off the 15 freeway, Pre Camp is full of traditional Outpost fun and adventure. Our counselors are chosen and trained to embrace the creativity and imagination of each camper to create an inventive and inclusive environment. Each two or three-week session has options for two, three or five days per week.

The camp day is 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Parents drop off their campers between 9:15 AM and 9:30 AM and pick up between 1:15 PM and 1:30 PM. The program is located at the North City Presbyterian Church in Poway, minutes east of I-15 off of Poway Rd. There is not door-to-door transportation or an extended day option for Pre Camp.

Pre Camp has been carefully designed as an age-appropriate introductory summer day camp experience. We create a nurturing environment built around the individual needs of each of our campers. A typical camp day begins with a "campfire", our traditional assembly full of songs, skits, and other old-fashioned camp activities. Campers then split into small, co-ed groups led by staff who balance camper needs (in a parental-type of approach) with creating excitement and energy for the camp activities.

In their small groups campers then begin the program. Activities include hiking and exploring the surrounding area, scavenger hunts, mystery guests, nature based crafts, old-fashioned age-appropriate camp games, and other traditional camp programming. We strive to create a unique community with a strong sense of belonging, so that each child feels a part of their "special group". We know that 3-5 year old children vary in their ability and stamina to handle situations over the course of a busy camp day - so we're always on the lookout for anyone who needs extra attention or nurturing.

Parents send a sack lunch with their Pre Campers - Outpost provides water during lunchtime. Due to the severity and high volume of campers with severe allergies to peanuts Pre Camp is peanut-free.
Day Camp (Grades 1-5) and Senior Outpost (Grades 6-9)
Day Camp (Grades 1-5)
Outpost is a traditional day camp completely outside and unplugged. Our Day Camp Program is designed to embrace the creativity and differences of each camper to create an inclusive environment and unique group identity. Located next to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve our campers get back to the basics of facilitated outdoor play. Each three-week session has options for two, three or five days per week.

Seniour Outpost (Grades 6-9)
Senior Outpost is a unique program specifically for middle school campers who are ready for the excitement and exploration of an outdoor adventure program. It is designed to offer positive risk taking experiences and opportunities to try new activities. Each activity is intentionally chosen to advance each camper's physical, social and emotional skills. Our Senior Outpost Program is a three-week session for middle schoolers located next to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

The camp day is 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our door-to-door transportation service is included in the camp fee. The camp van comes to your home to pick up your camper between 8:00 - 9:00 AM, and returns to drop off your camper between 4:10 and 5:00 PM. The exact pick-up and drop-off time varies depending on your home's distance from the camp site. Offices and other pick-up and drop-off spots can often be arranged in lieu of a home if you are out of our transportation service area. Additional express pick-ups at neighborhood locations may be possible for those far-reaching areas that we do not regularly service if enough children from that area enroll. In addition to our standard door-to-door transportation option, parents may choose two other options for arrival and pick-up each camp day. Parents may bring their campers to and from camp - families choosing this option must drop off their children between 8:45 and 9:00 AM, and pick them up between 3:45 and 4:00 PM. We also offer an Extended Camp program. Parents may drop off their campers as early as 7:30 AM and/or pick them up anytime up until 5:30 PM. Extended Camp is offered at an additional fee of $8 per camp day for either the AM or PM program, or $12 per day for both. Families must select door-to-door transportation, parent drop-off/pick-up, OR extended camp for the entire 3-week session. Families can choose one option for AM and one for PM if desired.

Each camper brings a lunch from home. We serve a daily snack in the afternoon, such as crackers and watermelon.

We swim Mondays through Fridays at a number of local pools, including but not limited to FIT Athletic Club, Ned Baumer Aquatic Center, Mt Carmel High School and Westview High School. Campers bring their swimsuits on their first day of camp. We keep the swimsuits at camp, where they are rinsed, dried and available for the next day. In addition to fun and unique water games and activities, campers can participate in a lap-swimming program to earn badges. Each camper is individually evaluated on their swimming skills on the first day of each session, so that the best level of supervision and coaching can be provided at all times.
School Year Programs
Outpost provides or is involved with several quality youth development programs during the traditional school year. We offer an after-school enrichment camp program at Innovations Academy in Scripps Ranch, and a Winter Camp program held during the last two weeks of December. Information about each of these programs is provided below.

Winter Camp

PLEASE NOTE – Outpost will NOT be offering Winter Camp this season – December 2019. Winter Camp will return in December 2020!
Outpost's Winter Camp is an exciting opportunity for your Kindergarten-6th grade student to enjoy summer fun during the holiday break. The camp is housed at our summer Pre Camp site: the North City Presbyterian Church in Poway, just east of I-15 off of Poway Rd, and operates from 8:30-4:30. Spaces in this program are limited. Each camp day includes Outpost camp games and activities, a seasonal craft project, and an off-site field trip. For families that live in and around Carmel Valley, we offer an additional, optional express transportation service to and from Ashley Falls Elementary. Our staff is made up of our most excited Summer Camp counselors begging us for more camp when they are home from school!

Winter Camp is offered on a daily basis with a two-day enrollment minimum. The days offered and field trip schedule are:

There is a two day minimum enrollment (child must attend any two days of Winter Camp), and no sibling or other discounts. Campers must be at least 5 years of age to attend Winter Camp and enrolled in Kindergarten, and no older than 6th grade.

Winter Camp is staffed by many of our best Summer Senior Counselors. We begin and end each camp day with Campfire (just like summer), split campers into age-appropriate groups, and enjoy camp games and activities, all around the daily field trip. We use our 15-passenger vans to transport campers to and from the daily activity, driven by our Class-B licensed commercial drivers. Campers need to wear closed-toe shoes and bring a sack lunch. Our staff carefully review the medical history and any special needs of each of our campers and work closely with parents to ease first day jitters and make Winter Camp a successful experience for each child!

Outpost After School Camp at Innovations Academy

A quality after-school enrichment camp program for K-8 students at Innovations Academy in Scripps Ranch, operating from early September through mid June each year.
Physical Safety
  • Outpost's #1 organizational priority is to keep your camper safe from harm that may occur from camp activities or from other campers. We follow 300+ standards of safety as an American Camp Association accredited camp, we keep our group sizes very small (8-12 campers per group), and we follow a strict rule of "3 or more" at all times, ensuring that staff are never alone with campers and that campers are never alone without a staff member present.
  • Outpost operates as an Organized Camp regulated and permitted by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health. This means we pass an annual inspection ensuring safe operation in a variety of health and safety related categories.
  • We review your child's medical history, allergies, health concerns, behavioral notes, and any other applicable information immediately prior to each session. Your child's Senior Counselor and Small Camp Director will each know this information and be able to meet your child's needs throughout the session.
  • At Pre Camp, we have a high percentage of campers with severe allergies to peanuts. Although there are campers with allergies to other foods, because of the severity and high volume of campers with this specific allergy, Pre Camp is peanut-free.
  • Our directors are trained in American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and Lifeguarding.
  • We complete extensive background investigations prior to hiring our staff. This includes drug and alcohol testing, thorough reference and formal background checking, and obtaining driving records for our drivers. In essence, we "hand-pick" each of our staff very carefully.
  • Each of our group counselors is trained and certified in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR.
  • Our staff training, held prior to camp, includes comprehensive sessions on emergency procedures, crisis management, positive discipline, and child development, all designed to prepare our staff as thoroughly as possible to provide the safest environment for each child in our care. In fact, Outpost's training methods are often presented by our directors at state and national camp conferences.
  • Our counselor to camper ratio is at least 1:6 at all times (1:4 for Pre Camp).
  • All our drivers are extensively trained and licensed.
  • Our directors carry cell phones and two-way radios, and are able to communicate with both our office, and if necessary, parents, at all times.
  • Our staff training mantra is "sunscreen, shoes tied, water, count your kids!". We keep kids safe from the hazards of the sun, make sure they are safely dressed, hydrated, and closely supervised at all times, all day.
  • We operate in partnership with the City and County of San Diego, who have full-time, on-site administrative personnel to support our camp directors.
Emotional Safety
  • At Outpost we want each of our campers to be a valued part of a group. We make sure each child is "known" by at least one or more of our staff: that he/she is greeted by name each day, and that our staff get to know that camper over the course of a three-week session.
  • Outpost is a group-centered camp. Groups create a group name, find a fort together, and spend their days together all day. This creates a powerful opportunity for belonging, which is an outcome we value highly from the quality camp experience.
  • When any of our campers "have a hard time", our counselors and directors are carefully trained to acknowledge first, challenge second. We do not give up on children, label them as bad, or punish. Our approach works, especially at camp, and campers typically "opt-in" to more successful behaviors during the course of camp.
  • We partner with parents and place a high priority on open, consistent communication. We invite two-way feedback at all times.
  • We've found that "bullying" is an area of intense focus by other youth-oriented organizations. It is rather difficult for actual bullying to occur at Outpost Summer Camps due to our structure, training, and environment. Behavior potentially related to bullying or resembling bullying is quickly and effectively addressed by our entire staff.
  • Although we are not designed as a "special needs" camp, we have the support of two professional child psychologists during the summer. These additional resources allow us to design effective solutions for campers at all times.
Group Safety and Child Behavior
  • Because our camp is group-centered, we respond to challenges related to individual camper behavior (e.g., aggression, negative language, unwanted behaviors) by addressing both the camper's needs and the needs of the other children in the group.
  • When a child demonstrates negative behavior, we work with the child the adjust their behavior. If the behavior is serious or repeated, a director will step in to provide additional support.
  • Parents will not receive phone calls about minor, typical, and easily resolved behaviors.
  • Parents will be contacted when a behavior is serious in nature, not easily resolved, repeated, or affecting the whole camp group.
  • Parents are welcome to call the office to discuss behaviors or situations mentioned by your child. We will provide clarification and context and make an appropriate plan if needed.
  • We ask parents to please approach your child's stories with appropriate skepticism (based on their respective age) as children often leave out other perspectives and alternative viewpoints – which is developmentally typical. Children are also often unaware of what is already being done to resolve a behavior or situation as we attempt to address camper issues privately when possible.
  • Participation in Outpost is a privilege, and we believe that all children have a right to a physically and emotionally safe environment. If a child repeatedly demonstrates inappropriate behavior at Outpost, we will work to resolve the issue. If it becomes a larger issue, Outpost reserves the right to remove the child from the program.
  • It is necessary, for physical and emotional safety, to maintain our aforementioned staff:camper ratios. Therefore, if one child's behavior consistently requires one on one attention thus changing the ratios and quality of the program, and the behavior is not improving with reasonable effort from staff and directors, the child will be asked to leave camp.
  • If a child's behavior consistently negatively impacts their group, and is not improving with reasonable effort from staff and directors, the child will be asked to leave camp.
  • If a child demonstrates a serious negative behavior that is not likely to improve and is detrimental to the group and camp culture, the child will be asked to leave camp immediately.
  • If your camper is asked to leave camp due to negative behavior that has not improved after camp support, a refund may not be offered for the current session. However, refunds for future sessions may be discussed.
Outpost is run by a team of child development professionals who work hard to provide programs of the highest quality. Our Senior Directors each have responsibility for one of our camp programs, closely collaborating with the owners/directors. Assistant Directors work with and receive training from the Senior Directors, coaching the counselors and working closely with campers each and every day. A professional psychologist and developmental expert provides technical support and consultation for our entire team.
Day Camp and Senior Outpost Programs Only
Outpost Summer Camps provides door-to-door transportation to many San Diego North Coastal and North Inland communities, including, but not limited to: Carmel Valley, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, 4S Ranch, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Sabre Springs, Poway, and Del Mar. We serve some or all of these neighborhoods. We take our service and responsibility seriously – as transporting children to and from camp, as well as on field trips and special outings, requires the highest level of safety and supervision.

The door-to-door transportation for Day Camp and Senior Outpost is fully included in the program fee – there is no additional cost for this service.
Your child's safety is our #1 priority

We use newer-model 15-passenger vans specifically designed for passenger transportation, with the latest in safety features built into each vehicle. A California Class B driver's license is required to operate these vehicles. Each of our senior counselor/drivers receives over 20 combined hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training prior to driving the camp vans each summer. In addition to completing the training and earning their license, our drivers complete vehicle inspections each camp day prior to driving the van on the daily routes. The vans are serviced and maintained regularly using this inspection system throughout the summer by a licensed mechanic.

Our drivers come to your home each camp morning between 8 – 9 AM. We return your child home between 4:10 – 5 PM. Pick up and drop off order is determined by your home's distance on the van route from Outpost Summer Camps. Offices and other pick up and drop off spots can often be arranged in lieu of a home. Our drivers visit each home the weekend before each session to meet the family and deliver the pick up and drop off times. Please note: we offer one and only one pickup/dropoff location for each family, and the pick up and drop off time windows for your home within the larger AM and PM route times are assigned by our office and are not negotiable (ie we are not Uber or Lyft, with instant, personalized pick up and drop off).

The van ride is part of the fun

We've found over the many years of running our program that the van ride is an important element of the Outpost experience. Our campers very much enjoy and value the "big kid" experience of getting to travel to and from camp separately from being driven by a parent. Campers form close friendships over a three-week session with the neighborhood kids on their routes, and a "van culture" often gets created by a van route, complete with nicknames, spontaneous games, and other adventures. Many of our campers identify riding the van to and from camp as one of their favorite parts of the program!
Do the kids get hot? Is there an "indoors"?
OSC is located in a wilderness preserve, and we are outdoors all day. We spend much of our day hiking and playing in shaded areas, eating under trees and of course swimming at the pool. We provide sunscreen and plenty of water, and our campers and staff are happy that we don't have any buildings because it's hard to make a fort in the wilderness inside a room! We also plan for especially hot days prior to the summer with activities designed to be low-exertion, high fun.

Do you do any field trips?
Our Senior Outpost program for 6th-9th graders is based primarily off-site, at locations throughout the County. We do not take field trips with our younger campers. Our philosophy is that trips to Sea World, Legoland, etc are destinations for parents and children together as families, not for third-party providers like camps. We offer adventures that you can only have at Outpost Summer Camps!

What if my camper doesn't like getting dirty?
Then maybe it's time to look for another camp! We believe in giving campers opportunities to experience the outdoors fully and that often means wearing a bit of camp home, like shoes that have walked in water or shirts that have been painted with mud! Just about all our campers who may be initially hesitant end up joining in the fun.

What if my camper is not "in to" sports and games?

At OSC, one of our "inside jokes" is that most of our games end in a "confusing tie!" Beginning with the games we play and the staff we hire and train, we place much more emphasis on the fun of playing rather than the win/loss outcome. The reason many children don't enjoy playing sports and games is because of the lack of fun when the focus of everyone involved is on who will win and who will lose. We also play many cooperative games where the fun level is HIGH and there is no winner or loser. And as a "group-centered" camp, we spend our days together, so that no one is ever on his/her own.

What if my camper is not a good swimmer?
All campers are assessed for their swimming ability on their first day of camp. Based on that assessment, they are assigned to a swim group with an appropriate level of supervision and guidance. Our groups range from "non-swimmer" to "advanced", and special areas of the pool and dedicated staff are set up for each group.

What makes your camp different than the others in which my child is enrolled?
Outpost Summer Camp is built on four principles that in most cases differentiate us from other summer programs. 1) Low 1:6 staff to camper ratio. 2) Convenient door-to-door transportation service (as well as extended day program). 3) Unique, high-quality outdoor adventure program ("old fashioned" group-centered games and activities). 4) Child-centered philosophy and highly trained directors and staff.

The van times don't work with our schedule. Is there another option?
We offer an Extended Camp Program that provides parents with a longer camp day. AM Extended runs from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. PM Extended runs from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

What kind of licenses do you require for your drivers?
All OSC drivers are required by law to have current California Class B Commercial Drivers Licenses along with a medical clearance, obtained by passing a series of tests both behind the wheel and at the DMV, and successful completion of a physical exam. Additionally, all drivers undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing at pre-employment and randomly during the summer.

What kind of vans do you use to transport my child?
OSC uses new model 15-passenger vans, fully inspected both prior to the summer and each morning by the drivers. The vehicles are inspected daily by the camp director upon arrival at camp, and the vehicles are kept in top condition on a daily basis following a thorough fleet maintenance plan.

What time will my child be picked up and dropped off? Can I request a specific pick up and drop off time?
Each van route is carefully planned to run as efficiently as possible. This means that pickup and dropoff times are determined by your home's location in relation to the other campers on the route and the distance from camp. Campers are picked up between 8AM and 9AM and dropped off between 4PM and 5PM, with a specific window of time assigned to your home just prior to the beginning of your camper's session (ex: 8:15-8:25AM, 4:40-4:50PM).

Health & Safety
My child sunburns easily. Your camp is outside, so how will my child be protected?
OSC provides high-quality sunscreen for all campers. Our counselors are trained to make sure each of their campers has an active layer of sunscreen on throughout the day. We also spend much of our day in the shade, and make sure that all of our campers and staff are properly hydrated at all times.

What if my child needs medication at camp?

OSC follows strict guidelines with camper medication. Prior to each session, we collect all medication, and then store it in a locked area at all times. During the camp day, medicine is administered by our on-site director following written instructions and consent provided from the parent.

Who is on-site at camp in case of an emergency?
A camp director is on-site at all times. Each of our OSC directors and all of our senior counselors are certified and current in First Aid and CPR, and emergency medical services are minutes away and are fully aware of our program following our ACA-Accredited policies.

Can I request that my child be grouped with a friend or sibling?
Children who are the same age, grade, and gender (except for our Senior OP program which is co-ed) can be grouped together if space is available in the group. We do not accommodate requests that are not in the best interests of all the children in the group.

Can I send my child for one week instead of all three? Do you prorate sessions?
Our program is designed as a three-week experience with 5 day, 3 day and 2 day per week options. Simply stated, it is easier for campers to truly make friends, learn games and songs, and feel a part of a camp group if they are there for a longer time. For this reason, and to keep our groups together with the same campers for each full session, we do not offer shorter or prorated sessions.

Do you offer sibling discounts?
Yes! We offer a 5% sibling discount to families enrolling more than one child OR families enrolling a child in more than one session.

How do you screen your staff? Do you do background checks?

All of our senior counselors undergo a lengthy and thorough interview and background check process prior to working for Outpost Summer Camps. They are fingerprinted (from which a background check is completed), and then complete a medical exam and drug and alcohol screen (for driving the camp vans) once they are hired. In addition to these processes, we call their previous employment and personal references. In many cases, our staff are directly referred to us from our camp parents!

I'm a hesitant parent – can I talk with one of your current camp parents?
Of course! Each summer we evaluate our programs by requesting that our camp parents complete end-of-summer feedback forms. On this form we ask parents if they'd be willing to serve as a parent reference. From this we have a terrific number of volunteers from all neighborhoods with all ages of kids. Give us a call and we'll be happy to connect you with a veteran Outpost parent.

What if my camper is nervous to try a new program?

Naturally, children (and adults!) are often hesitant to try something new. A new program is often a wonderful opportunity for children to find answers to questions they have about new opportunities. When a child wonders about if he or she will make friends, be good at an activity, learn to do something new, and be a part of a group, the answers they find at OSC are positive and wonderful!

What should I send with my camper?
For all camps: we provide water, sunscreen and an afternoon snack. For Pre Camp: send your camper with a peanut-free lunch, comfy clothes that can get dirty, and closed-toe shoes. For Day Camp: send your camper with a disposable lunch, swimsuit and goggles or rash guard (on the first day only – we keep it for the three weeks and then send home on the last day), comfy clothes that can get dirty, and closed-toe shoes. For Senior Outpost: send your camper with a lunch, comfy clothes that can get dirty, and closed-toe shoes. Senior Outpost campers can bring backpacks and different things such as boogie boards depending on the day's activity. Please do not send: towels, cell phones or anything other than what is explicitly listed above. Contact us for more information.

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