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About Santa Cruz Mountains Camp

We live in a fast-paced world. Between demands at school, homework, music lessons, sports practice, college prep, community service, and busy lives at home, kids these days are often overscheduled and over-stimulated. Sometimes they just need to recharge, get back to basics, and be kids again! At Kennolyn, they get the break they need in an atmosphere of adventure and self-discovery. Our campers may be taking a break from academics, but the learning continues.

Kids have good friend making instincts but sometimes they need to practice and be in an atmosphere where meeting new people and making friends is the norm. Our counselors foster a positive atmosphere that allows friendships to blossom.

You might choose one of our overnight camps in the Santa Cruz Mountains or on Huntington Lake. Maybe your camper is excited for our amazing day camp in Santa Cruz.
camp overview
Our campers and staff return year after year. Many recall their experiences here as among the most meaningful in their lives. Ask them, and they'll tell you that Kennolyn is far more than just a camp. It's a community, a sentiment, a state of mind, a lifetime of memories. In one word, Kennolyn is Home.

Parents know that summer camp is enhanced by the youthful energy of the the young adult staff members. But they also need to be assured there is a level of senior management that keeps a close eye on everyone. Our team is among the most experienced in the camp industry. We attend conferences and educational events every year to learn about cutting edge programming ideas. We also listen to our campers about what's cool and what's not, and find common ground where modern cultural norms can blend with our time honored and much loved traditions.

Kids have good friend making instincts but sometimes they need to practice and be in an atmosphere where meeting new people and making friends is the norm. Our counselors foster a positive atmosphere that allows friendships to blossom.

We live in a fast-paced world. Between demands at school, homework, music lessons, sports practice, college prep, community service, and busy lives at home, kids these days are often overscheduled and over-stimulated. Sometimes they just need to recharge, get back to basics, and be kids again! At Kennolyn, they get the break they need in an atmosphere of adventure and self-discovery. Our campers may be taking a break from academics, but the learning continues.
Kennolyn offers you the best of coastal redwood and alpine lake experiences.

Set among 300 acres of private Redwood forest our Santa Cruz overnight is the original Kennolyn property. Very easy access from anywhere in the Bay Area and even Southern California. Our property sits at the end of a four-mile dead-end road and borders Nisene Marks State Park, a protected 10,000 acre habitat. Quiet and secluded yet easily accessible, we are less than 90 minutes from the San Francisco Bay Area and just a few minutes drive off historic Highway 1.

Each Santa Cruz property has its own pool, ropes courses, archery, and riflery ranges etc. Our Day Camp and Overnight Camps operate separately on the adjoining properties.
Kennolyn was founded by Max and Marion Caldwell in 1946, when Harry S. Truman was President of the United States, the first network television series was introduced (on one of only two stations), and gasoline cost a whopping 15 cents per gallon!

Max and Marion (affectionately known as Uncle Max and Aunt Marion) were both teachers. During World War II, Uncle Max served on an ammunition ship in the Pacific. "If I EVER get out of this alive," he wrote, "let's start a school or a camp."

From these simple words blossomed Kennolyn Camps. Now, Kennolyn incorporates an overnight camp, day camp and year-round events center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California as well as a lakefront property in Lakeshore offering incredible access to Huntington Lake and the surrounding area within the Sierra National Forest.

Welcoming the first campers in 1946 was a lifelong dream come true for Aunt Marion and Uncle Max. They named camp after their children Ken and Carolyn, and started with a 60-acre site and 26 campers, including 11 nieces and nephews who addressed them as Aunt Marion and Uncle Max. The names stuck from that day forward with tens of thousands of campers, staff, parents and grandparents.

In 2018, Kennolyn was offered an opportunity to take over an existing camp at Huntington Lake. We could think of no better way to honor our founders and the thousands of families who have been a part of the Kennolyn extended family since 1946.

Uncle Max and Aunt Marion are sadly no longer with us, but their wonderful legacy continues to influence the lives of countless children and adults alike around the world. Their children Ken and Carolyn, and grandchildren Pam Caldwell Nootbaar, Lindsey Caldwell Johnson, and Steve Caldwell are all active members of Kennolyn's Board of Directors. Pam is also Kennolyn's General Manager and is passionate about maintaining the beloved camp traditions and values so important to Uncle Max and Aunt Marion.
From 1st to 12th grades, we have programs for everyone.

Intro Camp
Our 2 night camp for first time campers entering 1st to 4th grades. This program is designed for campers who are not sure they are ready for our full week and two week sessions. The vast majority of campers go straight to the full sessions.

Junior Campers (1st to 3rd grades)
In our 1 and 2 week sessions, we pay extra attention to our youngest campers.

4th – 7th Grades
Every year there is something new to look forward to. Campers return year after year to try the next thing on their Kennolyn to do list.

Senior Campers (8th to 9th grades)
In our 2 week sessions we offer a wildly popular, age appropriate program for our older campers.

Leadership Program (10th to 12th grades)
Our high school age campers can join a 3 year program to help prepare them for life, college, and a future as a Kennolyn counselor.
Grades 1-3 (Juniors) Program
These campers have counselors who are especially talented in providing the support and attention that our youngest campers need. For added reassurance to the parents, counselors call home after the first few days of camp to give an update.

During a 2-week session, each Junior Camper cabin pairs up with a Senior Camper cabin for a special event to bond with the oldest campers who are great role models.

With 2 counselors in every cabin and Junior Campers limited to 7 campers per cabin, there is the level of supervision you would want and expect. Our staff understand the developmental needs of our youngest campers. We also understand that if a camper is ready and excited for camp, this is the VERY BEST age to start at overnight camp.
Grades 4-7 Program
As our campers grow older, each year brings new exciting activities and opportunities. Campers love to come back year after year and Kennolyn strives to keep things fun and interesting for all ages. Campers 4th+ grade get to take BMX. Once campers reach the 5th grade they are eligible to sign up for our Ropes I and II classes, Videography, Silk Painting and Water Polo. A favorite activity for many campers is the Overnight Ride. This is an overnight horseback trip to a special, on-site, location reserved specifically for 6th graders in a 2-week session and campers in our 2-week equestrian program. In their final year before entering the Senior Camper program, 7th graders get to have their own special pool party and get a taste of what life will be like for the next two summers as a Senior Camper.
Grades 8-9 (Seniors) Program
We welcome 8th and 9th graders in our one week sessions but the numbers are low and there is not the time or level of enrollment to justify a Senior Camper program. Most 8th and 9th graders choose a 2 week session.

Senior Campers take part in cabin life and regularly scheduled activities like everyone else. They need some time to hang out with other teenagers, however, so we give them that time, Kennolyn style!

  • Senior Camper Only activities
  • Additional Seniors Only Beach Day
  • Half an hour after normal bedtime for special activities
  • Barbecue night
  • Specially trained counselors who are responsible, young-adult role models many teens lack
This program has become so popular and spawned many lasting friendships, that most Senior Campers return for our three-year Training Program.

Leadership Development Programs (Grades 10-12)

Many of our campers return year after year, and even join our staff! Kennolyn is proud to offer a popular and inspirational Leadership Training course, beginning with the 2 week CILT program for campers entering 10th grade. Those who successfully complete CILT training may be invited to return the following summer as CITs.
Leadership Development Programs (Grades 10-12)
Many of our campers return year after year, and even join our staff! Kennolyn is proud to offer a popular and inspirational Leadership Training course, beginning with the 2 week CILT program for campers entering 10th grade. Those who successfully complete CILT training may be invited to return the following summer as CITs.

So, you've been to Kennolyn before and had a fantastic time. You are eager to come back to camp, but are in high school now and ready for some exciting new challenges! Our Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) Program was created just for you, with special activities and responsibilities appropriate to your age and abilities. First time campers can also enroll in the CILT program.

CILTs choose three regular activity periods in the morning, and afternoons are filled with a wide variety of individual and group activities that are challenging but fun. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could learn all of your high school subjects while making a cake blind-folded, playing a giant game of hide and seek, teaching a basketball class, or diving in a swimming hole? These activities teach you a lot about yourself and your potential.

The CILT as a Camper… Every morning, CILTs have the opportunity to be regular Kennolyn Campers. You choose three activities, such as Hilltop Ropes Course, BMX, and Horseback Riding. You share your cabin with a CILT coordinator, who is sort of like an older brother or sister who will crack down on you only if you deserve it!

The CILT as a Participant in Leadership Training… Each afternoon, CILTs spend three hours together with the coordinators, playing games, doing challenging initiatives, discussing various topics related to leadership, and observing activities to see what it takes to teach them effectively. This valuable time helps you discover who you are and grow as an individual.

The CILT as a Role Model and Counselor Helper… Each CILT is assigned dedicated time to spend with a cabin of younger campers, offering the chance to assist counselors and campers during meals, evening activities etc. Perhaps the biggest opportunity for you to step up and take some responsibility is during the second Outpost of the session, which you will spend with your assigned cabin helping to ensure a fun and safe experience for all. For many, this is a favorite part of the CILT program, even for those who were unsure coming into it!

Benefits of being a CILT at camp include:

  • A later bedtime than campers (9:30pm)
  • An amazing kayak trip at Elkhorn Slough where seals, otter, and other sea creatures come right up to the boat
  • Experience some responsibility, friendships, a glimpse of life as a counselor
  • Senior Camper BBQ
  • An awesome Outpost

CIT Program

Counselor in Training (CIT) is for campers entering 11th grade and is the second year of the three-year Leadership Program. Enrollment is limited, and is open to those who have successfully graduated from the CILT program and received an invitation to participate.

CIT sessions are 2 weeks in length. CITs live in groups with their counselors at Overnight Camp, but train Monday-Friday at Day Camp, where they can get far more hands on opportunities to work with younger campers.

Social activities are planned, including opportunities to visit Santa Cruz for dinner, shopping and relaxation. All off-camp trips are organized and chaperoned by Kennolyn staff. Evenings are spent at overnight camp joining in with campfire and helping with special activities. CIT Safari (organized by CITs, who dress up as Wild Animals and Park Rangers) is one of Kennolyn's most popular evening activities.

JC Program

JC (Junior Counselor) is for campers entering 12th grade and is the final year of the three-year Leadership Program. JCs have increased responsibilities and opportunities during their 3 weeks at camp, and many go on to join our staff. Junior Counselors live in cabins with younger campers and learn from an experienced lead counselor. Each JC chooses an activity area they want to focus on and spend time learning from the specialists in that area (examples include Equestrian, Waterfront and Ropes). In addition, JCs take important First Aid, CPR and AED and spend time discussing college preparedness.

We also realize you need some time with your fellow JCs. That's why we plan activities like out of camp trips, and an even later bedtime (10:45pm). As a JC, campers look up to you, just like they look up to counselors and many realize just how rewarding working with young campers can be.
Regular Activity Days
Every week there are 3-4 activity days, each with 6 one-hour lesson periods. Before the summer begins, campers handpick from dozens of exciting activities to plan their own schedules and design their camp experiences. They may adjust agendas on day two if they wish, but otherwise follow their same journeys of personal discovery all session long. We also offer Specialty Activities for those campers who wish to focus on one area of specialty.

All Activities:
  • Animal Care
  • Ancient Target Sports
  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Batting Cages
  • BMX Biking
  • Carpentry
  • Ceramics
  • Chess
  • Climbing
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Diving
  • Drama
  • Equestrian*
  • Fashion Design
  • Fencing
  • Forest Explorers
  • Fun Science
  • Games
  • Gardening
  • Glee
  • Golf
  • Guitar
  • Horse Care
  • Indoor Cooking
  • LEGO Builders
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Ropes Course
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Ping Pong
  • Riflery
* Several Equestrian activities are included in our normal program, and campers can choose horseback riding, vaulting and/or horse care (no additional cost). Equestrian Specialty Camp is for those wanting an intensive Equestrian experience.
Specialty Activites
For campers that are ready to dig a little deeper into a favorite activity, we offer different specialties every session.

Our Adventure campers (6th grade and up) are born with that 'wild' streak! They look for new adventures every day and at camp we help them share that passion with like-minded campers, under the watchful eye of our experienced trip leaders. Adventure campers participate in some regular activities each day at camp, but also have the chance to experience some amazing off site trips and on site adventures.

2020 Tentative Adventure Camp Schedule
Adventure Specialty is offered during Session 4, 2020. Remember, Adventure Campers are at "base camp" in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Most of these adventures are 3-4 hours long and take place in and around Santa Cruz.

Activity 1: Ropes CourseExplore our own Hilltop Ropes Course. Build team skills that will help on our upcoming adventures.

Activity 2: SurfingWe have worked with the professional surf instructors at Club Ed for 30 years. After some safety instruction on the beach, we'll head out into the waves with the qualified instructors and lifeguards.

Activity 3: Orienteering/Geo CachingAn awesome onsite adventure, Adventure Campers and their counselors will use modern and traditional navigation skills to find their way around the forest for fun and excitement. A big hit in 2018, we are glad to bring this activity back again for 2019.

Activity 4-5: Overnight White Water Rafting
Pack and depart for a 2 night rafting trip. Spend a full day white water rafting on the American River followed by an overnight camp out. On the last day day of the trip campers will spend a few hours rafting before heading back to Kennolyn. This will be a highlight for most Adventure Campers.

Activity 6: Segway TourWe join our friends at Segway Santa Cruz for a tour along West Cliff to the Santa Cruz Lighthouse and Natural Bridges.
The gentle sloping grounds host: 16 bungalow styled cabins that sleep 10 persons and are complemented by being air conditioning and heated. Our 4 bathroom/shower bungalows have hot and cold running water year round. Restrooms are located near the cabins, each with flush toilets, communal showers and washbasins. The main lodge/dining hall has a wood burning fireplace and a full service kitchen. To round out the camp experience Griffith Park Boys' Camp has a 30 ft. rock climbing wall, high ropes challenge course, archery range and miles of hiking trails. Other Facility Features: Multipurpose Sports Field, Basketball Courts (Lighted / Outdoor), Seasonal Pool (Outdoor / Unheated).
Registration and Enrolment Info
In order to participate in our program, a camper needs to be able to:
1.Move independently from place to place;
2.Meet their own personal care needs (i.e. shower, brush hair and teeth, etc);
3.Live cooperatively in a group environment;
4.Be able to be away from their home for several days;
5.As a parent, you must be able to let your son be away from home for several days.

Completed applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The rules for acceptance in the camp programs are the same for everyone, without regard to race, color, religion or national origin. Persons with disabilities are welcome to participate in our programs. Reasonable accommodations will be made with prior arrangements.

Camp fees are due at the time of registration.Space is limited. Please mail or hand deliver the completed registration form (both sides). No facsimile/fax copies or emails are accepted. Full payment must accompany registration. When signing up for multiple sessions, we advise you to use separate checks for each session. If the application is not completed, or payment is not included, it will be mailed back and will further delay the registration process.

Payment options: You can pay for summer camp sessions by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), cash or money order. A collection fee will be charged for each check returned by the bank. If paying by credit card, you must come to our office and have your photo ID. We do not accept credit cards over the phone. Our office hours are 10:00 am—4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Please call in advance to make an appointment so we can serve you quickly.

Late Fees
If space is available after the registration deadline (two weeks prior to the start of the session), we will accept registration with a $50.00 late fee. If any registration is accepted one week prior to the start of the session, there will be a $75.00 late fee.

Waiting List
If a summer camp session fills, a waiting list will be started and names will be added in the order in which completed applications are received. Parents will be notified when space is available in their child's age group. Payment is not required at the time of application if being submitted for the waiting list.

Cabin Assignments and Cabin Buddies
Camper cabin assignments are made according to their age (ages 7-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17). We do not honor cabin buddy requests and we do not guarantee placement in a particular cabin. At Griffith Park Boys Camp we build relationships by promoting interaction in the camp community. Campers coming alone to camp develop a sense of independence are much more likely to engage in making new friends, build a connection with their cabin leader and develop a sense of belonging in the cabin group.

Request for Change of Sessions
Reasonable requests to change sessions will be accommodated, if space is available. Fees will be charged per camper based on the earliest effected session as follows: with two weeks or more notice, $50.00; less than two weeks notice, $75.00. No change of session will be allowed for "no shows." No session changes will be made until a written request and appropriate fees are received. These fees are in addition to the difference of session prices.

All cancellations must be in writing. Refunds take approximately 8-10 weeks after written request is received. Refunds will not be made until a written request is received. The registration will be refunded as follows:
1.Two or more weeks notice will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee, per session, per camper.
2.Less than two weeks notice will be assessed a $75.00 administrative fee, per session, per camper.
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR "NO-SHOWS". Failure to arrive at camp prior to 9:30 am Monday morning isconsidered a no-show. No full refunds will be issued unless a session is cancelled by the camp. No refund or reduction in fees will be made for camper's late arrival, early withdrawal and/or dismissal for misconduct.

Confirmation Packets
A confirmation packet will be sent once your registration has been processed. This packet will include a Health History Form, Authorization Card and Doctor's Examination Form. Several pages of camp information will also included, covering health procedures, check-in and check-out procedures, rules of conduct, reasons for immediate dismissal, what to bring to camp, what not to bring to camp, spending money, mailing letters and other pertinent polices and procedures. Please read your confirmation packet carefully and share it with your child(ren)!
Health & Safety
At all of our locations and camp programs, your camper's health and safety are our top priority.

2 nurses care for our campers 24 hours every day. We have a modern, well appointed Health Center. All meds are checked in with the nurses who safely store and dispense to the campers as required. Our Health Center offers a bright and cheerful retreat for first aid and bed rest if needed. Our nurses also conduct regular Inspection Days to make sure everyone is in great shape and lend our campers and staff a special brand of TLC that only they can provide.

A local doctor is on-call all summer and Dominican Hospital is just six miles away. In the unlikely event your camper requires outside medical attention, we will contact you immediately. Our safety record is excellent, and we have had very few injuries requiring this kind of care.

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