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Camp Category: ACA Accredited, BMX, Cheer, Digital Media, Freeski, MTB, Parkour, Scooter, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Sports
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About Woodward Tahoe

There is truly no other camp in the world like Woodward. For more than 45 years, Woodward has been the leader in lifestyle and action sports progression making it the perfect co-ed camp for kids who want to develop new skills and have a great time while they're at it.

Woodward is a world-class destination for both aspiring youth and professional athletes. We foster a community where participants in over 13 sports like skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, freeskiing, parkour, scooter, digital media and cheer, are given the tools necessary to reach new heights and have fun.
Camp Overview
Snow or sunshine, we have the best parks, a one-of-a-kind indoor facility, and visiting pros who will make sure you leave camp with new tricks up your sleeve. On top of all that, you'll make some new friends and wish you could stay at camp all summer.

Woodward Tahoe operates eleven weeks of co-ed residential summer camp for youth ages 7-17. We offer programs in snowboard, freeski, skateboard, BMX, MTB, scooter, parkour, digital media and cheer. Each camp program provides a safe and fun learning environment for all abilities. As well as the summer camp program, Woodward Tahoe also operates a full fall and winter program, giving visitors the opportunity to develop their skills year-round with our experienced coaching staff.

Woodward's Mountain Centers operate year-round with a primary focus on snowboarding and skiing during the winter months. Woodward Tahoe's indoor facility is called "The Bunker" and contains skateparks, foam pits, trampolines, a state-of-the-art Digital Media Lab and more. We operate daily programs both inside the facility and at Boreal Mountain Resort, as well as lessons, winter camps and season-long programs.

Founded in 1970 in rural central Pennsylvania, Camp Woodward facilities host thousands of aspiring and professional action sports, gymnastics and cheer athletes from around the world, including current and future Olympians and Professional athletes. Woodward expanded its properties to include Mountain Centers at Copper Mountain, Colorado (2009) and Boreal Mountain Resort in Truckee, California (2012).
Woodward Tahoe is located at Boreal Mountain Resort, which his just minutes from the Town of Truckee, CA, 45 minutes from Reno, NV, 90 minutes from Sacramento, CA and only 3 hours from beautiful San Francisco, CA.

Location: 19749 Boreal Ridge Rd, Soda Springs, CA 95728
While at camp, The Bunkhouse is a camper's home away from home. Each bunkroom is furnished in its own special theme and all have bunk beds and bathrooms with showers. There is a maximum of 11 campers per bunkroom and campers are placed in bunkrooms based on age and sport. Counselors, who are at least 18 years old, stay in the bunkrooms and are available day and night. The Bunkhouse also includes a movie room. Believe us, after a long day of camp, your bunk will never look better!
With so much non-stop activity, kids can get pretty hungry. We give them plenty of ways to fuel up with all-you-can eat meals that vary daily but always include fresh locally sourced produce.

We understand trusting your child with food allergies to the care of someone else can cause a fair amount of anxiety. Our goal is to make going to Woodward Tahoe worry-free. Please fully and accurately provide any special dietary needs and food allergies on the camper's health forms and feel free to call us to discuss your child's needs so we can best accommodate them.

Mess Hall

The Mess Hall provides plenty of healthy, well-balanced, tasty food, prepared from fresh ingredients in a clean and professional environment. There is always a hot meal being served which switches daily with our menu. During breakfast, there's a fresh fruit bar which doubles as a salad bar during lunch and dinner meal times. During every meal, the Mess Hall is equipped with a cereal bar, pasta or taco bar with all the fixings. Dinners are a great way to end the day and favorites include Fajita Fridays,Summer Thanksgiving and more than enough to please the picky eater!

Powerade Hydration Stations

Maintaining hydration is a key to athletic performance which is why Powerade has teamed up with Woodward to ensure athletes are properly hydrated to help them perform at their best. Powerade hydration stations are placed around the campus to keep our campers performing at their peak.

Gluten Free
For those registered campers and staff who have a doctor diagnosed allergy to gluten known as Celiac Disease, we provide the following gluten free items: sliced bread, tortillas, pasta and pancakes. Additionally, our food service department has ingredient lists of all items we serve. We encourage you to bring any other food items and/or snacks with you. We will accommodate any refrigeration, freezing and dry storage of food items you wish to bring. Upon arrival to camp, please check in with our Medical Manager who will further assist you.

Nut Allergies

For those registered campers and staff with a severe peanut allergy requiring immediate medical attention, our food service department can provide the ingredient list for all items we serve upon request. We do not use peanut oil for cooking and a majority of our items are peanut free. Anything that contains nuts is labeled during meal times. The Mess Hall has a peanut butter & jelly bar that is located in an isolated station.

Waffle Cabin
Our new Waffle Cabin is the perfect spot to grab a delicious treat at The Bunkhouse!

Moondoe's is Woodward's very own coffee shop and lounge. Wake up to an amazing coffee, cappuccino, frappuccino, fresh baked goods and even panninis. Enjoy the atmosphere and music of Moondoe's inside the lounge . Built in 2012, this space became an instant hot spot to hang out and relax at any time of the day.
Typical Daily Schedule (varies by sports)
7:30 Rise and shine! Breakfast time
9:00 Morning Instruction
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Afternoon Instruction
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Open Session
9:00 All Camp Activity
10:00 Room Check
10:30 Lights Out!
The standard for Woodward facilities has always been and will continue to be held to the highest level. At Woodward Tahoe we have state-of-the-art facilities both indoors at the 33,000 sq.ft. Bunker and Digital Media lab, and also outdoors on our expansive 16-acre campus. Camp provides athletes and creative artists of any level a place to excel and push their limits.

Our snowboard program will help you be shred ready for the next season. Whether you are out on the hill riding one of the best summer terrain parks around or inside The Bunker you will be sure to leave camp with new tricks and more confidence.

Our freeski program will help you be shred ready for the next season. Whether you are out on the hill riding one of the best summer terrain parks around or inside The Bunker you will be sure to leave camp with new tricks and more confidence.

Campers of all different skateboard experience are invited to shred our parks with some of the best staff and pros in the business. Every week, you'll get the chance to session with the very pros you've seen in the magazines and rest assured they'll help you step your game up - next level skating.

Designed by our staff and pros, our BMX program focuses on skills, balance and style. Instructors are stationed throughout the Woodward Tahoe campus and you can ride the facility of your choice. Everywhere you look we've got dirt jumps, ledges, wall rides, mini ramps - a rider's heaven!

Settled on top of Donner Summit our trails wind through trees, around berms and over gaps. Not ready to hit the gaps? No worries, we have three trails ranging from beginner to expert to get your trail riding dialed. Work on technical skills throughout the week as you ride the best trails, dirt jumps and skateparks all in one location.

Designed by our staff and pros, our scooter program focuses on skills, balance and style. Instructors are stationed throughout the Woodward Tahoe campus and you can ride the facility of your choice. Everywhere you look we've got concrete bowls, rainbow rails, ledges, wall rides, mini ramps - a scooter rider's heaven!

Campers will learn to use coordination, creativity, spatial awareness and body mechanics in a safe, high energy and fun setting. Honing the abilities we are born with while gaining new skills and tricks, our program will help you become more efficient, confident, and active in everyday life.

An action sports filmmakers dream come true! Surrounded by the best action sports facilities and athletes, we created a program that gives you the opportunity to build your filmmaking skills and knowledge as you experience what it takes to become an expert. Our instructors help guide your passion and the use of our pro gear and studio in the process of filmmaking.

Woodward Tahoe Cheer Camp is focused on advancing your tumbling skills to the next level. We work on tumbling, trampoline, performance routines, and the basics of cheerleading. Whether you come with your team, a friend, or yourself, everyone will have a blast!

Imagine being able to look at the mountains and see an infinite number of ways to have fun and explore. Pretty cool. At Woodward's Adventure Camp, you'll have an awesome time hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, slacklining, overnight camping as well as some archery thrown in too. You'll get access to miles of mountains and the entire Woodward Tahoe campus with over 16 acres of ramps, tramps, skate parks, foam pits, and so much more.
Program Facilities
The standard for Woodward facilities has always been and will continue to be held to the highest level. At Woodward Tahoe we have state-of-the-art facilities both indoors at the 33,000 sq.ft. Bunker and Digital Media lab, and also outdoors on our expansive 16-acre campus. Camp provides athletes and creative artists of any level a place to excel and push their limits.

Concrete skatepark
The Bunker's concrete skatepark is another amazing creation of California Skateparks and legendary builder, Nate Wessel. Ride or skate around the 15,000 square foot park, filled with tons of tranny options and plenty of street features. It's Tahoe's only indoor skatepark and one of the central hubs of action in The Bunker.

Trampolines zonesThe Bunker houses SEVEN Olympic fly-bed trampolines! The trampolines are used under coach supervision to develop and train your aerial awareness in multiple sports. At the center of our aerial awareness training programs is the "Super Tramp". The Super Tramp is the largest trampoline made in the world. Bounce three times higher than on a normal trampoline to learn tricks that just can't be done on the Olympic tramps. Taking bouncing to another level and crossing the lines of sport, uber designer Nate Wessel has created a virtual playground of banked walls, step-ups and transfers.

Super Tramp
What makes it so SUPER? The size: At 14'x14', the Super Tramp provides significantly more surface area than the traditional 14'x7' setup and was specifically designed to train action sports athletes. As a result, the Super Tramp has a bigger "sweet spot," providing more room for error and is much better for learning the big tricks you see today. The springs: The Super Tramp utilizes jumbo-sized super springs and stronger corner springs to increase height while providing more stability and keeping the bouncer centered while on the bed. The weave: The special-woven, two-string bed of the Super Tramp provides maximum height, without the rigid recoil of a traditional trampoline. Some would compare it to bouncing on air. The slow bounce makes it feel similar to a large jump in the terrain park.

Launch Pad
Soar into the 42' foam pit using one of 6 skate-lite drop-in ramps. The closest thing to dropping into Mega-Ramp with having to actually land. One of the coolest things you will see on the Launch Pad is snowboarders, skaters, skiers and bikers dropping one after another and living in harmony.

The Pump Track

The Pump Track underwent a complete renovation! It's now a better learning and progression environment for snowsport guests on Woodward Parkskis™ and Woodward Parkboards™ as well as skateboards, bikes and scooters.

Tumble zone

This area will bring out your inner ninja, whether you are here for cheer/tumble camp, a parkour session or just want to get inverted. Our tumbling zone comes complete

GoPro Tower
A three-story spire of awesome, the GoPro Tower & Video Lab is the spot to check out all the action inside The Bunker. A lounge located on the top floor not only offers an ideal vantage point of the entire building but also a spot to kick your feet up and catch a breather while watching GoPro edits on comfy bean bags and couches. It's not all rest and relaxation however; the second-story houses a secret Mini Ramp and a private birthday party room just for you and your friends. Don't forget to check out the Woodward Tahoe Wall of Fame while you're up there!

Woodward Parkboard
In 2012, Woodward teamed up with Burton Snowboards to perfect Woodward's patented Woodward ParkBoard™ indoor snowboard. The Woodward ParkBoard™ is a wheel-based snowboard specifically designed to ride on Skatelite™ surfaces used for aerial awareness progression. The Skatelite wood surface is the same used in skateparks around the world.

The Trenches
Deep in the woods you will find The Trenches; multiple dirt jump lines built by the Blue Bench Crew. The lines flow thru the forest, alongside massive granite boulders and over perfectly sculpted earth. Out at the trenches you will also find a beginner's circle-pump track. Ride your BMX, dirt-jumper or mountain bike out in The Trenches.

The Slabs
The new mountain bike park rounded out Woodward Tahoe's existing bike facilities, which includes The Bunker and The Trenches, which have a BMX focus. Three trails with multiple option on each take you down after getting off of the Castle peak charlift. Start on Little Mills, the Radyhas and work your way up to "Granite Slabs".

Sierra Skatepark
The new street plaza is jam packed with ledges, rails and stairs for your shredding pleasure. "The idea behind this park was to keep the unique natural beauty of the terrain and bring in some urban street obstacles that are themed to match the environment. We didn't want to come in and just bulldoze a bunch of trees and build a park that looked and felt like everything else. The way that this park flows through the trees is really unique and we think it's going to make an amazing setting"- Neal Hendrix. Designed and Built by California Skateparks.

Treetop Parkour
We are pleased to announce that we are opening our brand new parkour facility! Nate Wessel and some key players from Tempest have been working hard to create a forest themed treetop parkour facility.

Evergreen Bowl
This 3-pocket combi skatebowl dubbed 'Evergreen Bowl' is perfect for beginners and pros alike. Charge up the silky, smooth walls of the 8' deep pocket or learn to drop-in with the attached Kiddie Pool- whatever you pick, the Evergreen Bowl is ready to be skated.

Eastern Front
At the Eastern Front, you will find a mind-blowing mini-ramp with bowl corner. It has a 5ft. extension on side for you to get tech on. There are also an assortment of modular features which are switched up constantly to create your dream park.

The Path
Snaking over the Woodward Tahoe Campus, The Path connects all out outside facilities, The Bunker, The Bunkhouse and Base Lodge. A regular path just isn't our style so we've spiced it up with rollers, loops, swoops and rails!

Bag Jump
Summer Camp is all about progression and the BagJump NIP™ will help you progress faster. Its multiple chamber system eliminates the catapulting effect allowing for the safest landing surface possible. Athletes will build the confidence and muscle memory of tricks before taking them on-snow. The BagJump NIP™ will be at Woodward Copper all winter and summer long, come experience it for yourself!

Summer Terrain Park
No ski racers or beginner lessons to dodge. Get stoked on the private park built each week just for the campers, all accessed by a quad chairlift. For a week the mountain is yours. Ride the same high-caliber terrain park Boreal Mountain Resort offers during winter, only now it's all yours! Woodward Tahoe's park staff will dial in features for skiers and riders, beginner to pro. Heavy sessions will go down on the jump and jib lines!

Digital Media Lab
Packed with more toys than Santa's workshop. We have all the goodies including 6 iMac's, a green screen, laser lights, die-cutting machine, music recording equipment, tripods, dolly tracks and more. Woodward Tahoe is sponsored by GoPro, so we have all the latest and greatest.
After mandatory daily instruction, campers can either continue to work on their skills at our sports facilities or take it easy and try something new. From relaxing by the lake, to taking a try at archery, to designing your own skateboard or bow, to hanging-out by a campfire, it's impossible to not have fun at camp.

The standard for Woodward Tahoe facilities has always and will continue to be held at the highest level. Our campus is constantly changing and evolving with the feedback from the people that know best, our professionals, staff, and campers. Camp provides athletes and creative artists of any level a place to excel and push their limits.

Learn about the history of the Skateboard and how to make your own. Start with a raw skateboard deck and end up with a board to skate or hang on your wall at home. *Note: Create A Skate requires an extra fee

Paintball is always fun, battle your counselor, neighboring cabin, or even your favorite visiting pros.

Join in on the fun of Dodgeball on the Red Floor of the Woodward Tahoe Bunker. We have a regulation size court and the perfect arena for some adrenaline filled fun. Always a battle to the finish, can you handle it?

Catapult into Lake Woodward from The Blob! There isn't a better way to spend a sunny day than paddle boarding, kayaking and lounging by our own lake. Pack your swimsuit, the lake is calling.

Ever picture yourself as a young Sherlock Holmes? The GoPro challenge mixes a scavenger hunt with a twist from our digital media camp. Capture all of the requirements on the challenge first on your GoPro and you could be coming home with a special prize.

Grab a snack from Moondoe's and gather around the big screen for a weekly showing of one of our favorite camp movies. 120" screen is a little bigger than your parents flatscreen.

Make a dance routine with your cabin, sing a song, or show us your hidden special tricks in the Woodward Talent show.

There is no better way to end a week of the greatest summer of your life than winning an award. First we kick things off with a cheer routine from our cheer campers and then roll straight into the movie premiere from all of the Digital Media Campers. Powerade, YUP! Milk, GoPro and Dickies have kicked down some awesome prize packs so show how your the camper of the week!


You simply can't have a camp without a campfire. Join your friends and roast a few marshmallows. S'mores never tasted so good!
Packing List
Packing for camp is so much fun and adds to the excitement and anticipation of the summer, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. We have compiled a complete packing list of all your child's needs for their time at camp- and remember if they forget ANYTHING we will do all that we can to get them what they need. We are committed to treating your child like our family. Please make sure to label all clothing, personal items and equipment with your camper's name.
As soon as you have your camper registered for camp, you'll want to start thinking about transportation to and from Woodward Tahoe. Most campers travel via airplane, car or Woodward Tahoe Shuttle.

NOTE: All travel information and transportation requirements must be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the camp start date. Shuttle pick-ups are based on a minimum of 2 people. We understand that situations may arise during travel. If our transport is delayed for any reason, our transportation team will notify the parent/guardian on file of any events that may affect campers. This includes any unforeseen traffic delays, road closures, vehicle breakdowns and emergencies.

Campers arriving by plane should schedule their flights arrival between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Arrival Day (Sunday). Campers departing by plane should schedule their flights between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Departure Day (Saturday).

EARLY/LATE ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE(Outside of the times above): If you plan on an arrival or departure outside the listed times, we are able to accommodate this for an extra fee of $50. We can't guarantee pick up unless travel arrangements have been confirmed at least 72 hours in advance.

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS: If you have signed up your camper as an unaccompanied minor through the airlines and require a staff member to sign them out from the gate or remain with them until their plane departs we are able accommodate this for an extra fee of $50. In addition, we ask that you contact us at to confirm this request.

Campers who are flying into Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) will need to sign up for a Woodward Airport pick-up, which provides round-trip transportation to and from the airport.
One Way $75
Round Trip $150

Campers who are flying into Sacramento International Airport (SMF) will need to sign up for a Woodward Airport pick-up, which provides round-trip transportation to and from the airport.
One Way $100
Round Trip $200

Campers should arrive at Truckee Amtrak between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Arrival day (Sunday). Campers should depart from Truckee Amtrak between 9:00am and 12:00pm on departure day (Saturday).
Campers who are arriving by Train to Truckee Amtrak will need to sign up for a Woodward pick-up, which provides round-trip transportation to and from Truckee Amtrak station.
One Way $40
Round Trip $80

Campers should arrive at the Truckee Depot between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Arrival Day (Sunday). Campers should depart from the Truckee Depot between 9:00am and 12:00pm on departure day (Saturday).
Campers who are arriving to Truckee Depot via bus will need to sign up for a Woodward bus station pick-up, which provides round-trip transportation to and from the bus station.
One Way $40
Round Trip $80

Woodward Tahoe is located off Interstate 80 approximately 10 miles west of Truckee, CA. Take Exit 176 for Boreal Ridge Rd. and Castle Peak. Our physical address is: 19749 Boreal Ridge Rd., Soda Springs, CA 95728.

Authorized Check-Out Individuals:
Authorized individuals are the only people who will have access to check-out your camper. In the Camp Registration Packet, you can select your camper's Authorized Check-Out Individual. If permission has not been granted, we must confirm the arrangement by phone, even if the person claims to be a relative. This is for the protection of the camper and will be strictly enforced.
The vast majority of our campers are between the ages of 7 and 17.

Prices depend on your child's sport, what week he or she attends and lodging options. Rates are all inclusive: instruction, food, and a whole lot of fun! The only extra expenses (optional) are airport transportation and spending money for the Camp Store and Moondoe's Cafe.

Our Camp Bank works just like a bank account. Each child receives a camp ID upon arrival which also acts as a debit card for the week. You may deposit money at check-in to start their account and they can debit against that balance throughout the week when they make purchases. More funds can be added over the phone via credit or debit card. We discourage campers from keeping cash with them; access to the camp bank is available for any purchases they need to make. If they want a couple of dollars for video games or vending machines, they can simply withdraw it (up to $5 per day). The average camper deposits about $100 per week in their Camp Bank. Before departure, campers can withdraw the balance of their Camp Bank to take home with them. After departure, any money left in a camp bank that is below $10 will be deposited into our scholarship fund.

The Camp store sells necessities such as toothpaste, stamps, batteries, and socks. We also carry souvenirs like stickers, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and parts campers may need to fix action sports equipment in case they break while in attendance. Moondoe's Cafe has snacks such as soft serve ice cream, pizza, soda, granola bars, chips and candy.

Campers stay in The Bunkhouse, which offers dorm-style rooms with a maximum of 11 other campers around the same age and usually in the same sport. Campers may request to stay with their friends who are in their same general age group. We will always do our best to honor housing requests. Each room has a counselor that is at least 18 years old and is available day and night.

A cold cereal, bagel, and fruit bar complements hot breakfast entrées. Lunch and dinner have a hot entrée option, along with our plentiful salad bar. Vegetarian options are always available. All meals are included in camp fees, snacks are additional. If your child has allergies or requires some other special dietary needs please note in the Camp Care packet and discuss with our Camp Nurse during the arrival health screening.

All summer camps are non-refundable. Protect your investment with Summer Camp Protection Plan. The Protection Plan provides peace of mind in the event your child is unable to attend camp due to illness or injury. The camp protection plan provides coverage that only applies during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverage's. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer or insurance agent or broker. Please contact the Woodward Tahoe Camp Office for a complete download of the Protection Plan coverage's.

No, each session we get all ability levels from beginner to advanced. We evaluate campers' ability upon arrival to place them into groups with campers of the same ability level. This allows campers in the same group to learn and work on the same or similar skills.

Campers must sign up in the sport for which they would like to receive instruction; however they may participate in other sports during non-instruction hours. We encourage campers to cross-train in multiple sports.

Once you become a registered camper, we will send you our Camp Life packet which includes a suggested list of what to bring (you can also download our registered camper packet for action sports or cheer). This list is also available on the Packing List webpage. Please mark all your belongings in permanent marker with your first and last name. Lost and found items are easier to return when marked. Do not bring valuable; you know your kids ... they leave stuff everywhere. Now imagine that with 300 kids! Woodward Tahoe cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. That being said, cameras, including GoPros are encouraged so campers can document their amazing week to share with their friends and family.

Woodward Tahoe has built its reputation on outstanding facilities, dedication to each and every camper, and a staff of experienced, enthusiastic and talented individuals. Our staff members come from around the country. Some are actively competing athletes; others are former competitors, professionals, X-Gamers, Olympians, etc. On average, there are eight campers in each group with one instructor. Class sizes vary each week according to the number of campers for each sport and ability level.

We have visiting pros here every week. While we are constantly working to secure their schedules, it is difficult to know too far in advance who and when they will be here. The best thing to do is watch our Website and Facebook pages.

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including: arts and crafts, photography, videography, swimming, archery, capture the flag, kickball, contests, social events and more!

Arrival Day is the first Sunday of every camp week and takes place from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by Woodward Tahoe staff and head into 'The Bunker' for check-in and then to The Bunkhouse to help your camper unpack. The following Saturday is Departure Day where you can check-out your camper from 9:00am – 11:00am. Check out the Camp Handbook for more information

Yes, Woodward Tahoe sessions will fill-up quickly so don't hesitate. If the website is showing a session is closed-out, please choose another week. You may also call the Camp Office to inquire about availability in the session of your choice, perhaps there has been a cancellation and you can get the spot.

You should receive an email immediately if using our online registration. Once payment has been processed you can expect to be contacted via email within 72 hours to complete the registration process.

Yes. Among other things that may be updated annually on the medical form, the state of California requires that campers have a physical exam within one year of attending camp, which is confirmed on this form.

No, our camp boundaries span from The Bunker, along The Path, to the Eastern Front skatepark and end at The Bunkhouse. Campers may only be on the Paintball Field or Summer Terrain Park facilities when they are accompanied by a coach or counselor. All other areas, such as the parking lot, are off limits. Campers must also be accompanied by a staff member when traveling between The Bunkhouse and The Bunker.

Camper Registration Forms need to be turned in two weeks prior to the Arrival Day (Sunday) of your campers' week.

Yes, the Woodward Camp Foundation provides tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships in all sports each summer. To learn more about the Scholarship Program please refer to the Scholarships webpage.

Upon Arrival Day (Sunday), campers will go through the check-in process and health screening with the Camp Nurse. Any medications that your camper needs will be turned into the Camp Nurse at this time. All medication is locked up in the Camp Nurse's Office. The Camp Nurse is responsible for administering all medication at the proper times.

If your child has any special needs (medical, physical, or any restrictions or limitations), please call the Camp Office prior to enrolling so we can determine if the camp is able to accommodate. On Registration Day, you and your camper will get a chance to meet with the Health Supervisor and Camp Nurse, where you can further discuss your child's medical needs. They will inform other staff members on a "need to know" basis, likely including the Healthcare Team, Camp Director, and your camper's Coach/Counselor.

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