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About Camp Tuku

In addition to all the fun activities that campers from 6 to 13 will enjoy, our curriculum is designed to equip children with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. After their time at Camp Tuku, your children will:

  1. KNOW: how to manage stress and be resilient, enabling them to be happier and healthier.
  2. HAVE: simple, proven techniques that kids can apply at any time to manage their emotional state, tap into their creativity, and be even more resourceful in order to overcome obstacles in their lives.
  3. FEEL: happy and excited about connecting with new friends and the fun activities they've enjoyed together.
Camp Overview
At Camp Tuku, our mission is to provide a holistic approach to the camp experience for kids; a program designed to integrate the mind, body, and heart, giving kids skills early in life to help them nurture inner resilience. With a focus on developing mindfulness skills, our unique summer camp experience offers a great opportunity for kids to learn and practice simple, fun tools for the development of self-awareness, as well as practices that will enable them to respond more effectively to the inevitable stress of every-day life. At Camp Tuku, we aim to nurture the mind, body, and heart in the following ways:

Daily mindfulness and meditation exercises encourage campers to cultivate self-awareness and open their minds to an innate capacity for peace and emotional stability. By unplugging from the mental barrage of digital media, and actively blending traditional camp activities with mindfulness exercises, kids strengthen their connection to not only nature's resources but also the innate resources of their own minds.

Fun and engaging activities such as hiking, cooking, challenge courses, rock climbing, yoga, swimming, gardening, and music will provide campers with multiple daily opportunities to grow their self-confidence as they challenge themselves both physically and mentally. All meals will be healthy AND yummy, and campers will participate in the seed-to-table experience of growing food in an organic garden and interacting with farm life.

We offer a social-emotional learning curriculum aimed at building resilience, based on scientific research by the Institute of HeartMath. This curriculum is delivered through team-building games and activities. Children will learn how to better express their emotions, such as appreciation and compassion for themselves and others. They will practice how to communicate effectively and develop creative solutions in a fun and collaborative environment.
As children leave Camp Tuku, they will return to their daily lives with more confidence and an assortment of practical tools that will help them lead happy, healthy lives for years to come. They will be empowered to make conscious and deliberate real-time choices that reflect their unique brilliance. The laughter and learning experienced at Camp Tuku will blossom into friendships that kids will want to continue nurturing long after they've said goodbye!
Camp Tuku will be hosting our rookie camp at Camp Oswego. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Catskills, the facility is located in the town of Windsor, NY, just shy of 3 hours from New York City. It boast 251 acres of land with 30 acres of private and pristine lake, and surrounded by trails and beautiful mountain vistas for our children to immerse themselves in nature.
Our curriculum, which has been designed with input from renowned mindfulness expert Susan Kaiser Greenland, is based on several core tenets that will help children, counselors, and staff to realize their inherent potential to be mindful, loving, creative, and resourceful individuals. They will use new mindfulness-based tools to access a wider perspective and make effective moment by moment decisions. This will not only impact their own individual development but also make them even more compassionate and effective citizens.

Whether campers are engaged in a fun and challenging activity or simply relaxing with friends, they will be encouraged to embrace the following principles:

  • Compassion for Self – To cultivate an attitude of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion toward themselves. Knowing that its okay to not have all the answers to all the questions and situations but to know how to go inward to calm and ground themselves to access the answers.
  • Generosity/compassion for others – To cultivate an attitude of generosity and compassion toward others, campers will begin each day with positive thoughts by wishing their family and friends well.
  • Connection to the field – To be aware of the electromagnetic field that surrounds them and obtain intuitive intelligence that could guide them to make the best moment by moment decisions for themselves and others. They will know that they are never truly alone and will see themselves as a part of an interconnected and interdependent system.
  • Do no harm – We will create a healthy ecosystem by practicing sustainability. For example, we will tap into renewable energy sources, conserve resources, grow our own organic vegetables onsite, raise free-range chickens, reuse/recycle materials, and minimize our carbon footprint whenever possible.
  • Open-mindedness – Campers are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and observe and embrace their own unique similarities and differences without judgment.
  • Adventurous spirit – We will challenge campers to break free of their comfort zones by trying new activities.
  • Confidence – We will help campers build confidence by becoming masters of their own minds as they work to hone their skillsets.
  • Collaboration and teamwork – Using the resources provided by nature, campers will work with each other to solve problems and advance their common goals.
  • Innovation and creativity – Drawing on the inspiration found in nature, we encourage campers to cultivate curious minds that are capable of imagining solutions and creations that do not yet exist.
  • Path to happiness – We will coach campers to explore the causes and elements of happiness.
    From yoga to water sports, gardening to archery, Camp Tuku's integrated curriculum is designed to connect each activity to one or more of our core tenets. By ensuring that all activities emphasize these core tenets, campers will engage in relevant, meaningful, and fun activities with each "Theme" Day – providing them with valuable lessons that can be applied to their daily lives.
    Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids
    We live in a noisy world. At Camp Tuku, a core aspect of our mission is to help children unplug from the "noise," connect with and nurture their inner selves, and cultivate tools that they can use to restore a sense of calm whenever they encounter stressful situations in their lives. To achieve this mission, our curriculum incorporates meditation and mindfulness in fun, simple ways that respect our young campers' energy levels and attention spans.

    Why Should Kids Practice Meditation and Mindfulness?
    In our fast-paced modern society, we are all subjected to the constant stress of smartphones, social media, and the pressure to multitask when we feel pulled in several different directions. Children, however, may be particularly susceptible to the harmful side effects of our "always-on" culture. These wide-ranging effects may include anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, social withdrawal, insomnia, impaired school performance, and more. Meditation and mindfulness offer a way to counteract these negative impacts and help children experience benefits such as the following:

    • Improved ability to focus
    • A greater sense of inner peace and self-esteem
    • Reduced stress levels
    • Greater empathy and feelings of connectedness to other beings
    • An enhanced ability to manage thoughts and emotions
    • Development of healthy coping skills when faced with life's challenges

    While Camp Tuku helps kids access these benefits through easy and playful guided meditations, we also approach mindfulness as a way of life rather than an activity in itself, and therefore seek to incorporate mindfulness techniques into all of the activities that campers enjoy throughout the day. Our curriculum is designed based on scientific research by the Institute of HeartMath and guidance from Susan Kaiser Greenland, the author of The Mindful Child and an internationally recognized leader in teaching mindfulness to kids and teens.

    Mindfulness for Kids
    Renowned mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as "paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment." At Camp Tuku, we strive to guide children in becoming more mindful by teaching them to pause and observe their emotional states, thought processes, and physical sensations in a calm and nonjudgmental manner before reacting. We encourage kids to practice mindfulness under all different circumstances—whether they are feeling happy or stressed, whether they're enjoying quiet time in nature or engaged in a competitive game with friends, and at various times in between. By making mindfulness a part of their lives at a young age, children will be equipped to navigate challenges with greater wisdom, clarity, and compassion.

    Learn more about the restorative and empowering experience that Camp Tuku offers for kids – visit our mission to read about our mission and core values, or contact us today to get in touch!
    Gardening & Sustainability
    At Camp Tuku, helping children foster a deeper connection to and appreciation for nature is integral to our mission. Our onsite organic gardens offer an ideal setting for campers to engage with the natural world and utilize Earth's bountiful resources to plant and cultivate fruits, herbs, and vegetables. They can then savor the fruits of their labor by harvesting their crops to be incorporated in fresh, healthy, delicious meals served in our cafeteria.

    Lessons in Gardening and Sustainability for Kids at Camp Tuku
    By participating in a rewarding seed-to-table gardening experience, campers will have fun getting their hands dirty while learning a variety of valuable life lessons. In addition to enhancing their connection with nature, gardening at Camp Tuku will help kids:

    • Develop a greater appreciation for the foods they eat—particularly nutritious foods like fruits and veggies.
    • Cultivate nurturing tendencies as they participate in the process of transforming seeds into edible plants.
    • Become more resourceful and self-sufficient as they learn gardening skills and techniques that will enable them to nourish themselves and others for years to come.
    • Experience hands-on science lessons in the world's best interactive classroom: nature.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of essential, but often overlooked, elements our ecosystem, such as soil, insects, and precipitation.
    • Expand their palates—kids may be more open to trying healthy food items if they participated in growing them.
    Camp Tuku's gardening practices are designed to reflect one of our core tenets: "do no harm." With a focus on sustainability, we strive to create a healthier environment by conserving resources, minimizing food waste, and avoiding the use of pesticides and other substances that may be harmful to both human health and the planet. Visit Out Core Tenets to learn more about our philosophy.

    Innovation Program
    As technology continues to evolve exponentially, our modern world is changing at a dizzying pace. For today's children—the rising generation of leaders—keeping up with this rapid change requires strong creative thinking skills and the ability to work together in order to tackle emerging challenges with innovative solutions. Unfortunately, many traditional school curricula have been slow to adapt, inadequately fostering the problem-solving abilities that kids will need to excel in the future.

    The innovation program at Camp Tuku is designed to offer the type of outside-the-box learning that is often missing in the classroom. Our fun, engaging, team-oriented activities will nurture children's innate senses of curiosity and creativity to help them cultivate an innovative mindset. Our curriculum was developed based on the concepts and practices of the acclaimed Odyssey of the Mind program, which has been encouraging students to solve challenging problems with creative solutions for more than 40 years. Like Odyssey of the Mind, we seek to guide campers in approaching challenges with resourcefulness, critical thinking, an open mind, and a collaborative spirit.

    Our innovation program consists of two types of exercises designed to flex campers' creative muscles:
    • Daily spontaneous creativity challenges, which include verbal and hands-on activities that will expand the ways that campers think and approach problems.
    • "Reimagination" exercises consisting of week-long projects that challenge teams of campers to redesign an everyday object, such as a shopping cart, refrigerator, or clothing hanger. In doing so, campers will use a variety of techniques—ranging from crocheting to origami folding to 3D printing—to devise a new, creative, and possibly more effective way of fulfilling the object's purpose. Reimagination exercises will help campers identify the elements of successful design and generate ideas for future creations, while encouraging them to question the standard methods of performing everyday tasks.
    Arts & Crafts
    Arts and crafts offer children of all ages a fun way to ignite their imaginations and channel their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the world into the creation of something beautiful. At Camp Tuku, our arts and crafts program provides a great opportunity to exercise one of our core tenets: fostering innovation and creativity in our campers. Our location at Camp Oswego features an art studio, where kids can hone their creative abilities with a wide variety of arts and crafts, ranging from drawing and painting to making collages and miniature sculptures. In addition to the figments of their own imaginations, the natural beauty of Camp Oswego is sure to provide plenty of inspiration for campers' artwork!

    What are the Benefits of Art for Kids?
    Arts and crafts are fun and relaxing—but they also offer a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can help improve children's performance in school, their social lives, extracurricular activities, and into the future. At Camp Tuku, our arts and crafts program is designed to help campers harness these benefits, including the following:

    • Enhanced fine motor skills and visual-spatial skills. Whether they're holding a paintbrush, trying to color inside the lines, or gluing on sequins, arts and crafts help kids improve control over their motor skills and make choices based on what they see, which enhances their visual-spatial skills. These skills are beneficial in various areas of everyday life, and studies even indicate that they are linked to better academic performance!
    • Healthy self-expression. When life inevitably presents stressful or upsetting situations, art offers a creative, multidimensional outlet through which kids can process their thoughts and emotions. Learning to express themselves artistically builds confidence and equips kids with a healthy, therapeutic coping mechanism that they can deploy throughout their lives.
    • Greater patience. Waiting for paint to dry or other elements to come together in order to create an artistic masterpiece lengthens children's attention spans and helps them learn the value of patience.
    • Innovative thinking. By spurring their imaginations, the process of creating art encourages children to think outside the box and utilize their creative problem-solving skills.
    • Cooperation and bonding with other kids. When performed in a group setting, creating art can be a collaborative process that brings out kids' social abilities and instantly builds a friendly rapport between them.
    Yoga Lessons for Kids
    For thousands of years, yoga has served as a path to spiritual awakening, a tool for improving self-discipline, and a mechanism for attaining a sense of inner peace and balance. At Camp Tuku, we draw on the inspiration of this time-honored practice to provide yoga lessons for kids tailored to their unique abilities and interests. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, blossoming yogis will learn easy and effective techniques to practice in their daily lives – with plenty of fun and laughter along the way!

    The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

    Just as it does for adults, yoga offers a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for children. Even simple yoga sequences provide a powerful combination of movement and mindfulness that can help kids become more self-aware, focused, connected to their inner selves, and equipped to handle life's stressful situations. Physically, practicing yoga enhances strength, flexibility, stability, and coordination. While team sports also foster plenty of life skills, yoga serves as a noncompetitive sport that allows kids to keep their bodies active while exercising self-control and introspection.

    At Camp Tuku, the practice of yoga reflects our mission to nurture children's mind-body-heart integration. We strive to help campers harness the benefits of yoga while keeping lessons fun and engaging, with the goal of establishing yoga as a tool that kids will want to continue practicing as they grow older. Visit our mission to learn more about Camp Tuku's mission!
    A day at Camp Tuku
    From the time campers wake up to the time they hit the pillow at night, each day at Camp Tuku is designed to allow children time and space to connect their inner worlds to nature through fun and mindful activities. Here is a sample schedule of a day at Camp Tuku:

    7:30 am – Wake up & Setting Intentions
    8:00 am – Breakfast
    8:30 am – Cabin Cleanup
    9:15 am – Mindfulness Practice & Yoga
    10:15 am – Elective 1
    11:15 am – Innovation
    12:30 pm – Lunch
    1:00 pm – Rest Period
    2:30 pm – Waterfront Activities
    3:30 pm – Canteen
    3:45 pm – Elective 2
    5:15 pm – Shower Hour
    6:15 pm – Dinner
    7:30 pm – Evening Activity
    9:00-10:00 pm – Gratitude Practice & Bedtime
    Camp Tuku will be hosting our rookie camp at Camp Oswego. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Catskills, the facility is located in the town of Windsor, NY, just shy of 3 hours from New York City. It boast 251 acres of land with 30 acres of private and pristine lake, and surrounded by trails and beautiful mountain vistas for our children to immerse themselves in nature.

    Our campers are housed in comfortable cabins with bunk beds and include a bathroom containing two showers, two stalls, and two sinks. There are approximately 8-12 campers living in each bunk with a minimum of two counselors, ensuring proper supervision of every child.


    Enjoy your healthy meals in our cafeteria-style dining room. We will provide yummy foods that are balanced, fresh, organic and sourced locally (where possible). Our professional staff are ready to meet the special dietary needs of our campers and families, including but not limited to vegetarian, gluten free, and nut allergies.

    Throughout the day campers enjoy delicious treats. Every afternoon following Rest Hour we open "Snack Bar" for refreshing fruit, juice, ices or ice cream.

    Our campers will be cared for by Amanda Rider, a board certified Physician Assistance and other care professionals at our infirmary. They are prepared to handle any medical needs that may arise 24×7.

    Within the 250 acres of land, campers will be able to explore all the facilities that we have to offer. Natural walking and hiking trails, private lake for swimming and boating, Theater, Art Studio, campfire, Indoor Gymnasium, archery field, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Playing Fields, and Challenge Courses.
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