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About Huntington Lake Camp

The lake is perfect for summer fun on the water. The elevation provides welcoming cool relief above the high temperatures of the valley below. There is a predictable breeze each day that makes the lake a world class sailing location. Each year, Huntington Lake is home to the High Sierra Regatta, a sailing event dating back to the 1950s. In addition, National Championships of various classes of sailing are held here annually.

Since 1946, Kennolyn Camps has provided the very best in summer camp programs for boys and girls. 2019 marked a new chapter with our first full summer of Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake.
Camp Overview
Campers build relationships, grow more independent, and can slow down or ramp up as they choose. Our counselors and staff are recruited for their skills but more importantly for their ability to build positive relationships with the campers. Our goal is that every staff member know every camper by name. Each counselor supervises a group of 6-8 campers. Campers arrive and depart at Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake by chartered bus or on flights to Fresno International Airport.

The lake is perfect for summer fun on the water. The elevation provides welcoming cool relief above the high temperatures of the valley below. There is a predictable breeze each day that makes the lake a world class sailing location. Each year, Huntington Lake is home to the High Sierra Regatta, a sailing event dating back to the 1950s. In addition, National Championships of various classes of sailing are held here annually.

The location offers easy access from the Bay Area, as well as Central and Southern California.
Huntington Lake is 45 miles south of Yosemite Valley as the crow flies. We are in the heart of the Sierra National Forest 60 miles north east from Fresno. Our location is truly one of the best kept secrets in California. The road past the lake literally ends 24 miles later over a high boulder strewn pass. Our location is an ideal jumping off point as the wilderness playground is our back yard!

Huntington Lake is at 7000 feet and covered in snow in the winter. It was constructed in 1912 as a part of the enormous Big Creek Hydroelectric Project and is 7 miles long and one-half mile wide with four dams. This clear alpine lake is known for the High Sierra Regatta – an annual sailing race – which takes advantage of the consistent light afternoon breeze. The town of Lakeshore is charming and tiny. It is comprised of a post office, general store, and restaurant all within a few hundred feet. Other than a small gas station and volunteer fire department station the rest of the area is privately owned cabins and public camp grounds with a couple places to rent boats. Think Lake Tahoe in the 40s and 50 – this amazing place is a relatively unknown gem – and ours for exploring.
Kennolyn is dedicated to making a difference in campers' lives. We provide a carefully designed program with curated experiences so children thrive. With only 80 campers, ALL counselors know ALL campers by name, and what makes them tick. Our tight-knit, flexible, fun-focused environment allows children to develop relationships and learn skills to help them navigate life and adulthood. This powerful combination of program, place, and time provides children a much needed antidote to digital life through active, face-to-face, communal living guided by our well-trained staff.

Sunrise and sunset skiing, daily activity choice, Siesta milkshakes, epic alpine hikes, and yes even a few chores make camp living great. Doing it in an environment where you can be yourself with new and old friends makes camp the best. As campers mature, we provide more options for them to take initiative and grow socially, physically, and mentally.

Senior Campers (grades 8-9)
Senior Campers need some time alone with other teenagers, so we give them that time, Kennolyn-style! They enjoy increased interaction with their peers in special activities planned exclusively for them – stargazing on the pontoon, overnights on Thursday Island, and more. They enjoy extra evening time to play pool, cards, or just hang out in the lodge each night as they have a later bed time. And we all know how teens love to sleep in so we give them an extra hour in the morning on occasion as well. Throughout it all our specially trained, responsible, young-adult counselors provide wholesome role models that campers strive to emulate.

Leaders in Training (optional program for grades 10-11)
For decades in the Santa Cruz Mountains, campers have joined our three year Leadership Training Program through grades 10-11-12 (CILT-CIT-JC) which then allows them to be a Freshman Counselor prior to starting college. It's an amazing program with highly transferable skills for college, work, and life. It's also designed with an emphasis on training campers to become counselors. At Huntington Lake we offer campers grades 10-11 a different option.

Not all campers wish to become counselors. Some are more interested in personal growth, leadership in general, and continuing the camper experience. So at the Lake, our Leaders in Training (LIT) program offers that balance. And it's optional. Campers can participate in the program and still choose their activities daily like other campers. LITs are expected to be role models around camp, and to show their commitment to developing the skills that will make them great leaders at camp, at home, and in their communities. It is a fun introduction to taking on a leadership role at camp or developing more as a young adult. We contact enrolled 10th and 11th graders in the spring to understand their goals and how the program may be a good fit for them. For those thinking of returning to our original camp and continuing the Leadership Training Program, the LIT program satisfies the CILT program but does not satisfy the CIT program.

  • Choose activities daily like all other campers
  • Participate in challenging group initiatives and discussions
  • Learn more about their own personality and how to become who they want to be
  • Provide servant-leadership to camp in a variety of ways
  • Occasionally assist counselors without taking direct responsibility
  • Receive a personalized evaluation introducing the concept of letters of recommendation and resume growth
  • Live in a cabin or collection of tents for up to 8 campers (for just their group)
What makes this program unique?
Kennolyn Camps has been in operation since 1946. We know how to run summer camps and we have done it extremely well for a long time. The structure, facilities, and program of Kennolyn Camps Huntington Lake have been designed to capitalize off of that experience. This camp is unique in that the small camp size coupled with experienced leadership, allows us to fully support and encourage each child. Your child will walk through camp and be known and know everyone else. Not just their cabin group. But the cook, the head lifeguard, and the director. And that person will have the TIME and the BANDWIDTH to engage with your child. We're not pumping kids through the program. This is a strong, relational experience that your child will co-design.

In the education world, study after study have shown that as class sizes are reduced, student performance improves. And those gains are stronger the longer the child participates. It's the same in the camping world. All the typical benefits of a summer camp cabin group are here – acceptance, connection, and excitement. Our small camp size supercharges that feeling of belonging and empowerment as other counselors and camp leadership focus on the child as an individual. Like small classes, a small camp gets down to the needs of each child and improves their emotional and interpersonal intelligence. And the small size allows the child to have the confidence to speak up without the competition of a larger group knowing they'll get instant feedback. Along the way, campers discover they have the TIME and BANDWIDTH to express (and sometimes form) their own unique individual identity.

Our program has been designed to reinforce the value of a small camp size with opportunities for your child to just be themselves such as:
  • Open Mic Night – on their own (or maybe with a buddy) do their thing on stage – sing, dance, play, tell jokes, perform some magic, read a poem – all to a resounding applause and call for an encore performance.
  • Open Lunch – our counselors spread out and campers sit where they want to allow for relationships outside the cabin group.
  • Flexible scheduling – campers create their own schedule each evening allowing them to choose their own adventure.
  • Long activity periods – remember the days of having the time to create or let the sun dry your skin after a dip in the lake? Weaving a friendship bracelet from start to finish in one sitting? Those days of yesteryear are here every day. Activity periods are 90 minutes long to allow campers to really get into what they're doing – cooking, rappelling the waterfall, paddling to Thursday Island, perfecting jumping the wake, reading a good book in a sunny spot, you name it.
Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake offers so much fun for campers. The lake is obviously the centerpiece of our program but there's more. For the artistic and athletic campers, for the explorers, and the thinkers we have activities on the water, by the water, and away from the water.

  • Water Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Kneeboarding
  • Tubing
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding
  • Paddle Boats
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Crafts
  • Ceramics
  • Photojournalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Glee
  • Ukulele
  • Yoga
  • Fun Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Chess
Outdoor Adventure
  • Hiking
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Starting
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Trapeze
  • Explore the Dams
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Swimming Hole Plunge
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Ping Pong
  • Archery
  • Badminton
Special Days
  • Camp Color Competition
  • Campfire
  • Open Mic Night
  • Thursday Thrill Day
  • Free Choice Activities
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Swimming Hole Plunge
  • Explore the Dams
  • Bird Tour
  • Kayak to Thursday Island
Specialty Activities
Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake offers enough activity choices for nearly everyone. But for those campers that are seeking extra adventure, we have some awesome options. Since 1946, Horseback Riding has been a central part of our camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. At Huntington Lake we have partnered with our friends at D and F Pack Station to continue the Kennolyn equestrian tradition. We offer trail rides and overnight pack trips as part of our specialty program.

Horseback Riding
We use our partners at D and F Pack Station to lead horseback trail rides for groups of up to 12 campers. Trail Rides meander among the creeks and pines around the Huntington Lake. Campers enjoy the gentle breeze, amazing views across the open water, and mountain meadows with beautiful wild flowers and butterflies. Trips are scheduled after the first four days of camp. We provide needed equipment but campers are welcome to bring their own boots and helmet if they prefer. Trail Rides are an additional $75 and space is limited. For those that are not sure if they want to do the trip, families can "pre-approve" the fee and if a space is available and the camper is willing, we will take them along. The Trail Ride fee would be collected then after the trip. Sign-ups are through the registration process or just by contacting camp.

Overnight Pack Ride
What better way to explore the wilderness that surrounds Kennolyn? We have contracted with D and F Packstation at Huntington Lake who have been leading horseback riding trips for many years. They know the trails, have the horses, mules, tents, cooking gear and send two experienced wranglers to lead our group. We will also send one of our counselors along with a group of up to 9 campers. This trip is not for the beginner rider. It is a 24 hour trip where we head out mid-morning, climb up to the high mountain meadows and lakes, spend the night, and then return the following day in time for lunch.
This 8.5 mile trail climbs almost 2000 feet from Huntington Lake to Nellie Lake. Campers enjoy the unforgettable views on a peak halfway between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks where you really feel like you are on top of the world. Once at this crystal clear lake, campers can fish, take a swim, explore, or just hang out amongst the lovely trees, streams, meadows and wildflowers, birds and butterflies. Our guides pull mules with tents, cooking gear, and good that makes this a truly classic experience.
Trips are scheduled after the first four days of each session. We provide needed equipment but campers are welcome to bring their own boots and helmet if they prefer. The Pack Trip is an additional $375 and space is limited. For those that are not sure if they want to do the trip, families can "pre-approve" the fee and if a space is available and the camper is willing, we will take them along. The Pack Trip fee would be collected then after the trip. Sign-ups are through the registration process or just by contacting camp.
Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake offers campers the chance to explore a wide variety of lakefront activities as well as take advantage of everything else a summer camp should be. Special friends, amazing location, good food, wide range of things to do, and caring staff who are fun to be with.

Located on Huntington Lake in the town of Lakeshore, CA, Kennolyn is a perfect setting for a summer camp adventure. Cabins accommodate up to 16 campers and 2 counselors in comfort. We eat on the open air dining deck under the shade of Pine trees. Campers may have an activity scheduled in the Huntington Room or the Crafts shop but most of the day is spent outside. The highlight for many campers in the early morning or late afternoon is to relax in the comfort of the Caldwell Lodge.

Access to the sparkling waters of Huntington Lake is via our private dock and boat house. The sheltered cove offers a great place to practice before heading out onto the lake itself.

Our camp property is located within the Sierra National Forest! Surrounded by wilderness areas to explore and discover, Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake is the perfect place for summer adventures.
Our cabins provide a home base for our campers and counselors and it is the comradery of living together that makes camp a special experience. Our Huntington Lake campers are assigned to groups of 6-9 campers and a counselor. Two of these groups live together in each cabin providing the additional supervision of both group counselors during cabin time and at night.
The cabins are rustic but comfortable. Each has windows, doors, and power so they provide an excellent base for camp life.


Our tents offer the very best in true outdoor living and adventure. You can hear the wind in the trees as you lay on your bunk and there is an added sense of truly being at camp when you rest under canvas. Each tent is erected on a wood platform and are clustered to form group living space. Up to 4 tents per group house campers and staff. Within these tent groups there are separate camper and staff cabins with all entrances facing inward so staff can safely monitor camper activity without needing to live in the tent with the campers.
Groups (cabin and tent based) are assigned to activity times and trips together. We build in some flexibility for those campers that want that option.
Food & Nutrition
Food is life! And, food is camp. We know that and we embrace it. Mealtimes are also part of the social fabric of camp. Campers eat together, talk together, and connect with friends and counselors. All meals at Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake are eaten outside on our beautiful dining deck.

Typical Menu

  • Breakfast - Fresh Fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice available every day. Daily hot options include bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, french toast, and waffles.
  • Lunch - Salad Bar available every day. Daily hot options include tacos (often served down by our boat dock for a special lunch treat), pizza, chicken sandwiches, fresh soups, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Dinner - Salad Bar available every day. Daily hot options include chicken bbq, pasta with a variety of sauces, stir fry, hearty stew, and our traditional final night dinner of turkey and all the trimmings! All dinners served with vegetables and a rice, pasta or potato dish.
Health and Meds
The camp nurse is our super-mom! She provides first aid, dispenses required medications, and gives a little TLC to those that need rest in the Health Center.

The majority of our staff are also CPR and Lifeguard certified. We are also very well connected to the Emergency Services at Huntington Lake (the local Fire Department keeps an engine on the camp property.) However, more routine medical care like ear infections or respiratory illness may require a trip to Clovis (a 90 minute drive.) For this reason, we will always contact parents and our camp doctor when we see potential problems on the horizon. It is very important that each camper have someone available who can make the journey to Huntington Lake if illness or injury requires a medical visit or the camper needs to go home. If parents are out of town, the emergency contact must be someone capable of making decisions and available to pick up the camper within a reasonable amount of time.

Do you have a sickness policy?
Yes. Communal living is an amazing thing and protecting the health of all campers is vital. When campers become sick, they typically just need time to rest and rehydrate in the Health Center. We have several rooms and tents that are left open for this purpose. If a camper should become sick, we will communicate with families to discuss symptoms and treatment plan. If the illness is severe or persists beyond 24 hours the family will be asked to pick the camper up or some sort of reasonable accommodation made with the families help. We screen campers prior to admitting them on the bus or upon arrival at camp as well to set a healthy baseline for our camp community. Huntington Lake is at 6955 feet above sea level. Because of this, some campers may experience some discomfort (headaches, tiredness, trouble sleeping) for a day or two as we all acclimatize. Please keep your campers well rested, well fed, and well hydrated a few days prior to camp. This will help with the adjustment. Also, please make sure you have indicated in your health history which over the counter medications we can offer your camper. Ibuprofen will be our go to for any headaches.
What is the weather like?
The weather is ideal for an active day and it's the reason why San Joaquin farming families since 1920 have flocked to the lake to escape the valley heat. During the summer the temperature can range from the low 70s to the high 80s. And since we're at 7000 feet, at night it can cool down to the mid-50s, but is typically in the mid-60s. The lake water temperature is typically in the mid 70s.

How many campers are there?
We have enough beds for up to 64 campers (32 boys and 32 girls). With a small camp, we don't take the one size fits all approach; we focus on each and every child.

What are the cabins like?

Our cabins are simple but functional with bunk beds and electricity for those bed-time stories. Bathrooms and shower houses are detached and just a few steps away. Cabins sleep up to 18 people: 2 counselors with their group of 6-8 children each.

How are cabins assigned?
Campers are placed according to gender and grade. Groups typically have a combination of two grades (eg 5th and 6th graders). We do our best to honor requests to be with a friend and will discuss this with you if requests cannot be honored. We understand that part of camp is going back summer after summer to be with camp friends or to go to camp for the first time with a friend from home. Campers also come not knowing anyone at all. We take all the factors into consideration when forming groups – new, returning, home town, requests – and create a group that will be tight-knit and inclusive. While talking over camp with your child, keep in mind that it can be very beneficial for campers to be separated from friends from home. We have heard numerous times that campers have enjoyed the camp experience MORE by coming on their own. Camp is an opportunity for a fresh start socially, and we appreciate your support in making each cabin group balanced and unique.

What if my camper has dietary needs?
We accommodate gluten-free and vegan diets but are not a nut-free camp. The kitchen has been in service for many years and may have trace amounts of allergens. If your child has serious food allergies, then this camp is not a good fit.

How do activities work?
The activity program is design both to introduce campers to the major waterfront activities AND give them the flexibility to choose their own adventure. By limiting enrollment, we are able to give campers the best of both worlds. The way we do that is keep cabin groups together for the first four days of camp. In this way, they have time to bond and feel comfortable quickly. During that time, groups experience activities together to maintain the highest degree of support and encouragement possible. After those "Cabin Days", campers create their own schedule after dinner each day for the remainder of the session. During the "Choice Days", campers do what they or try something new with a friend.

How does camp communicate with families?
Counselors send postcards or emails weekly and a letter at the end of the session to review camper growth and development. Campers also send weekly postcards or letter home to highlight the fun they're having. The photojournalism class (with help from the counselors) also send out photos via email and post to a private Facebook account. Parents may send snail mail or emails that we print and deliver. Care packages are a nice idea but can create unintended issues. Because of that and that the post office in Lakeshore is tiny and poorly staffed so we do not allow care packages.

What is the best way for first-time campers to come to camp?
We recommend that first-year campers take the bus to camp. In fact, most campers travel to camp by bus. Good-byes are easier at the bus stop and campers have the opportunity to get the full camp experience with songs, games, and new friends right away.

Do you allow screens or smart phones?
Yes and no. It is a long ride to the camp so we will allow campers to have their phones and other technology items on the bus. However, we will collect all items as we disembark at camp. As with our established programs, we truly believe that periods of time away from screens and technology is developmentally appropriate for children and teens. Our main goal is to be sure we can control what materials our campers are exposed to. For that reason, when considering technology to be used at camp after the bus ride, please send only the simplest music listening or reading devices without video and internet capabilities. We reserve the right to decide the appropriateness of any item and confiscate anything that is inappropriate.

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