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About The ULTIMATE TX Dance Camp!

At our TX dance camp, you'll take 4 - 5 dance classes per-day, Mon through Fri. Classes are taught by our professional choreographers. The core dance disciplines you'll take are contemporary, hip hop and jazz (styles vary and may include Bwy or lyrical). Elective dance classes include ballet, tap & world dance.

No matter what your dance level or background, our TX dance camp curriculum is designed to challenge you. You'll be organized into groups by age & ability and get to perform in a big Friday Show.
camp overview
Widen your circle! You're invited to spend an action-packed week (or two or more!) with us this summer at ADTC.

Our campers come from every corner of the U.S. and all over the world. Most come alone, many with friends, and some with a studio or team... but we all come to meet new friends, learn cool moves & create lifelong memories.

We operate in beautiful locations where the pace of life is slower. At ADTC, mountains, forests and lakes will surround you. You'll breathe fresh air, reduce stress, raise serotonin, boost your immune system, and do what you love all day long.
I started American Dance Training Camps in 2003 because my experience attending an overnight gymnastics camp for 8 summers gave me the ability to love myself in a way I didn't know I was capable of during school years focused on grades, cliques, going to the mall and prom.

At camp, self-love is easy. Camp inspires intrinsic motivation - autonomy, competence, connection, and a "flow" state you can't achieve when you're doing something for someone else or for an external reward.

At camp you slow down, remember you're ALIVE, savor simple pleasures and do the things that give you joy. At camp, miracles are natural (and we define a "miracle" as a shift in perception from fear to love!). Girls need more miracles...more self-love. And the world needs more inspired women.

~ Lindsey Fadner, ADTC Founder
Our TX dance camp home is St. Edward's University, a beautiful, fully accredited university located in the heart of Austin & the Texas Hill Country. This vibrant campus and the natural beauty of the Hill Country provide an ideal atmosphere for you to unwind between dancing and summer adventures.

At ADTC "ULTIMATE Hill Country" in Texas, campers and staff live together in a traditional residence hall. Each room houses two campers who share a bathroom in the hallway. Rooms & hallway blocks are organized by age and ADTC's staff is housed in rooms on each floor, providing campers with 24-hour supervision & support.

St. Edward's offers everything you need to unwind between dancing and summer adventures: community lounges (for doing arts & crafts and hanging out), laundry facilities, and a Dance Canteen for basic supplies, snacks, ADTC apparel and souvenirs.
Girls: We have to do what we love. The world needs strong & inspired girls like us doing more of what we love.

And we've got a lot we're up against - just tune into the latest "reality" show, take a stroll down the aisles at a girls' clothing store, or pick up any teen magazine and you'll see that the messages us girls get about our bodies, sexuality, and about one another are at best harmful and degrading.

That's why ADTC dance camps are actually "girl empowerment camps"

And that's why we share one simple, unifying mission: to empower girls to move to love.

So what exactly does it mean to "move to love"?

MOVE - to pass from one place or position to another.

LOVE - to access the part of our mind that is connected to Spirit; the source of peace, joy, happiness and a whole bunch of other "positive" emotions. So "move to love" means to move to a new place (or state of mind) - the state of mind connected to your Spirit (peace, joy, happiness...all that positive stuff).

And in order to move to love, we must move away from where we currently are that is not love (this place is usually called fear). Fear will try to keep you from moving to love at all costs. Fear will even use your own ego to totally confuse you and make you think that it is safer not to move to love (or that you aren't capable of it). Luckily love isn't a far off "destination" - it is a practice that you can choose right now. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, "there is no way to love. Love IS the way."

Our Girl Empowerment Camps offer a tight-knit community where we can feel safe to practice love. At ADTC,we aren't bombarded by confusing, fear-based messages that tell us to be skinnier, wear makeup, and dress for boys. This space allows girls the chance reconnect with the authentic "selves" so many of us struggle to hold on to during the school year.

ADTC Girl Empowerment Camps & the Miracle of Summer
At ADTC, we say that summer is a time of miracles. We define "miracle" as a shift in perception from fear to love. A miracle can come when you're one with a movement, the music or your new friends. But no matter if it comes in a smile, a performance or a kayak, when you feel it, you just know. We think girls need more love - more miracles.

So, we're creating girl empowerment camps - overnight dance camps with a bigger mission:
  • To inspire (and be inspired)
  • To create community by connecting like-minded girls/women
  • To educate and empower girls to choose love (over fear) in their lives)
  • To create meaningful experiences/moments
  • To get girls moving (physically, but most importantly towards their passion/dream/purpose)
The "Move To Love" mission grows with every girl who joins our girl empowerment camps. And with all of us working towards this greater mission, together we're nudging our families, schools, local communities, and the world toward love, peace, understanding, and happiness, too.
The Four A's
. We believe in practicing & teaching the self-regulation of attention so that it is maintained on immediate experience: observing, listening, and noticing all the feelings at play in ourselves & in others.

Acceptance. We believe in practicing & teaching acceptance of ourselves and of others just as we are, with curiosity, openness, appreciation and allowing.

We believe in practicing & teaching appreciation at the very core of our being for everything we observe and experience: including all of our gifts, our limits, our longings, and our obstacles.

. We believe in practicing & teaching an allowing of emotions to "just be" as they are, with all their ecstasy and ache, without trying to take control, so they have the opportunity to pass on by.

The Four D's
Desire. We believe in practicing & teaching how to relate wisely to desire because while desire is intrinsic to life, it can contract into craving that traps us in suffering.

Decision. We believe in practicing & teaching wise decision-making by pausing to reflect on a situation and our experience before reacting habitually so we can choose the best response for ourselves and others.

Discipline. We believe in practicing & teaching the importance of discipline to staying on a path with purpose and living our values every day.

Dedication. We believe in practicing and teaching dedication to our path & to our values, as well as dedication to actions of body, speech, and mind that aid our own and others' well-being.

The Four T's
Truth. We believe in practicing & teaching honesty as the best policy and understanding as the best goal. Using "non violent communication" as our method, we speak our truth with clarity and listen to another's truth with empathy.

Trust. We believe in practicing & teaching a trust in our own unique goodness & capability as well as a trust in the unique goodness & capability of the other.

Teamwork. We believe in practicing & teaching teamwork & cooperation. Always.

Teach. We believe in practicing and teaching that the best way to get what you want is to be the change you seek and then model it for others. Every one of us is a teacher and we need to take this role very seriously!

The Four C's
Community. We believe in practicing & teaching the art of living with an authentic sense of belonging - that is what a strong community is all about, a place where each and every one of us is important and belongs!

Courage. We believe in practicing & teaching courage: the ability to confront fears, uncertainty or intimidation & to act right in the face of popular opposition or discouragement.

We believe in practicing & teaching creativity both inside and outside the dance studio.

We believe in practicing & teaching compassion as a virtue - one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as part of love itself.
At ADTC, girls are our idols. And we believe girls need to hear more authentic stories from other strong girls. As we consciously let our own light shine, we give other girls permission to do the same. The more we share our power, the stronger we all become.

You can share photos/videos from your "real" life - in your hometown, with your family/friends, at your dance studio, on vacation, etc. Your posts do not have to be from dance camp, but if you're an ADTC alumni and want to share photos/videos from camp, please email and and we'll give you online access to photos/videos from your ADTC location & session/s.

Your #ADTCidol story may be about having the gumption to head into unknown territory and come out with new friends and life lessons. Or it could be about how you embody our "move to love" mission, goals & values. Your #ADTCidol story could simply be about why you love to dance... or why you love being you.

Your A.D.T.C. Superpower (#ADTCadventurer #ADTCdreamer #ADTCteamplayer #ADTCcreator) is a persona or combination of personas you aspire to embody to make amazing things happen. You can have more than one Superpower, and your Superpower/s may change & develop over time as you navigate your life.
In our lives, there are some moments we will remember for a lifetime, and others we forget almost immediately. An ADTC dance summer camp experience will have highs and lows, but in twenty years we won't be dwelling on the first lonely, miserable night we spent away from our phone (and parents).

Why will we keep re-living our dance summer camp memories for years to come?

According to Dan and Chip Heath in their new book, The Power of Moments, "defining moments" dominate our assessment of our biggest experiences. And summer dance camp is jam-packed with defining moments.

Depending when we're asked to rate our dance summer camp experience throughout the day, our answer may be all over the map: 7:20am wake up (rating - "2"); morning reflection (rating - "7"); contemporary class (rating - "9"); hip hop class (rating - "6"), lunch (rating - "5"); stand-up paddle boarding for the first time (rating - "10"); siesta (rating - "7"); scavenger hunt (rating - "9"); team meeting with new friends (rating - "10"). Our rating on this particular day is a mediocre "6," so why will we rate this same dance summer camp experience a "9.5" if asked one month later?

Well, the Heath brothers argue that "duration neglect" means we'll forget the highs and lows and be left with scenes...and we'll disproportionally remember the "peak" and "end" moments of any experience. So on this particular day at dance summer camp, we'll remember the "peaks" of our favorite dance class (a "9"), a first-time experience (a "10"), a fun team event (a "9"), and the end of the day bonding experience with new friends (a "10"). Now we're averaging a "9.5."

If we were to simply trace highs and lows on any particular day of our life, we might find we're happier at home on the couch. But a day at home on the couch will quickly be forgotten, while we'll enthusiastically re-tell "this one time at dance camp" stories for decades (sorry everyone!). Moments are not created equal. This is a simple, even obvious, insight, but in many aspects of life, we ignore it completely.

And moments matter. The Heath brothers' research suggests that our most positive moments share four traits in common:

Elevation - moments of elevation lift us out of the ordinary and inspire emotions such as joy, delight, and a deep sense of engagement (think horseback riding in the rain through the mountains). Insight - moments of insight rewire our understanding of ourselves or our world. These are epiphanies, realizations, and "aha!" moments (think being in a dance class, kayak or team meeting and shifting your perception from fear to love). Pride - moments of pride capture us at our best, achieving things we weren't sure were possible, or being recognized by other people for our work or our talents (think choreographing your own solo for American Dance Idol and getting the opportunity to perform it in our show). Connection - moments of connection deepen our ties to each other, sometimes in personal relationships and sometimes in groups that bond by virtue of struggling together toward a common goal (think team events, meetings and "camp fires"... and working to empower each other with our "pay it forward wall"). So why choose a dance summer camp? And in particular ADTC? We understand what powerful moments are made of, and we're intentional about creating them. And we believe in core values that inspire us every day we wake up. Of course the best way to understand the ADTC difference is to attend a session with us, but we've done our best to identify four additional key elements that contribute to making American Dance Training Camps truly unique, and our summer camp experience one you'll remember for a lifetime. Select a box below to learn more!
Dance Camp Basics
We offer eight overnight dance camp locations: Vermont, California, Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Colorado & Texas. Our unique locations mean that you'll have access to all the traditional activities you'd want to enjoy at summer camp, as well as all the amenities you'd expect to find at a fully accredited boarding school or resort. And at ADTC, we have just as much fun outside the dance studio as we do in class!

You'll enjoy living in our comfy double occupancy rooms. Hallway blocks are organized so that you'll be with girls in your age group. Our staff is housed in rooms on each floor to provide you with 24-hour support.

If you come solo to ADTC (like so many of our campers!), you'll be bunked together with another solo camper around your age. If you're coming with a friend and you want to room together, we welcome your roommate requests! Just submit your request with your health & liability forms by June 15th.

Coming with a group? Groups of friends can be placed in neighboring rooms - just list everyone's names on your Roommate Request Form (and be sure they do the same), and we'll take care of the rest. Plus, you get $100 OFF tuition per-camper/per-session if you attend with a group of 4 + girls, and you get $200 OFF tuition if you attend with a group of 7 + girls.

Our top-notch dance teachers & choreographers bring to ADTC the coolest combinations from some of the best national and international dance studios, schools and performance groups. In addition to core dance classes in hip hop, contemporary & jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include Broadway, lyrical or acro), ADTC offers core elective classes in ballet, tap or world dance, as well as elective dance classes in a wide variety of other dance disciplines.
When can I sign up for camp?
You can sign up anytime! Registration is ongoing - sign up early to lock in your best summer rate.

If my child stays for more than one week is there a charge for the weekend stay-over?

Yes, the weekend stayover fee is $150 for a Saturday field trip (includes transportation, lunch, dinner & movie), Saturday night lodging & supervision between camp sessions, as well as Sunday morning brunch. The majority of multi-week campers stay with us between sessions, but you are welcome to check-out with your parents (or another authorized person) on Saturday from 9 - 11am as long as you check back in on Sunday by 3pm. Parents of multi-week campers must confirm whether they will stay over with us & pay the stayover fee at check-in.

Can I visit the camp during the week?
For the safety of all campers and to provide all campers with the "total camp experience", no visitation is allowed during the camp week. If your child is staying more than one session and you wish to take her off the camp grounds on the weekend you may do so on Saturday from 1:00 - 7:00 p.m. or on Sunday from 9:00 - 3:00 p.m. All visitors must report to the Director upon arrival at camp with photo identification.

How are the campers supervised?
24-hour supervision is provided. Campers are supervised at all times during dance classes, activities and free time. ADTC staffers live with campers 24/7 and we maintain a staff-to-camper ratio of at least 1:7.

My daughter is a very experienced dancer, will the dance classes be challenging enough?
ADTC staff members are accomplished dancers and teachers. They are Radio City Rockettes, Broadway dancers and MTV performers. Any experienced dancer is lucky to spend a week learning from teachers of this caliber. Our "dance screening" on Sunday nights helps teachers assess the ability of each camper and place them in a dance group that is appropriate for them for the week.

My daughter has never danced before, will she be the only one?
No! We have many campers who attend ADTC for the summer camp experience and to spend a week learning cool moves. This way campers can assess if dance is something they'd like to pursue back home!

Where can I buy the dance apparel I need for camp?

As far as dance apparel, you will need black jazz shoes or sneakers, as well as leotards and dance shorts/pants and t-shirt (whatever is comfortable for you, but please be conservative - at ADTC we do not like "booty" shorts or inappropriate skin exposure!). Please download our packing list.

My daughter is coming alone. Do many girls come alone?
Yes! Camp is the best place to make friends with girls who have similar interests. Many girls come to ADTC by themselves and leave with dozens of new, great friends.

Can my child travel alone to camp?
We have many campers that travel alone to our dance camps. You can request "Unaccompanied Minor" service from all airlines. They will make sure your child stays in the care of the airlines until an approved person picks up the child at the other end. You can simply register the ADTC shuttle service with the airline as the receiving party. The cost is minimal and some airlines do this for free. You can also request the same service for the return portion so that your daughter stays with airline staff beginning right when she checks in on departure day. ADTC partners with professional shuttle services with experience transporting minors at each location. You may find this information in your location's Info Packet which is downloadable from the location page for your camp. If your camper will be traveling alone, please call the ADTC National Office no sooner than one week before your camper's check in to see if sharing a shuttle with another camper will be possible. If enough campers are interested, ADTC will set up this shuttle for you, or let you know when you will be responsible for setting this up on your own. Sharing a shuttle is a great way to meet campers and save money!
Our dance camps take place at well-established destination resorts and school facilities which are well-experienced in handling medical emergencies. There are full-scale medical centers near all of our camp facilities. To ensure we are prepared to handle any medical emergencies that may arise, we require all parents to fill out a series of health forms, including a full medical history and a "Authorization to Treat a Minor" form.

If your child has medical dietary restrictions or food allergies, please contact us with your requirements at least two weeks prior to arriving at camp. Someone will contact you directly to discuss your needs in detail. Please know we are experienced in handling many special dietary situations, and we look forward to working with you to ensure a healthy and safe camp experience for your daughter.

During check-in, our medical staff will meet with you and discuss your child's medication(s). ALL medications are kept in the director's office and dispensed according to your physician's instructions. All prescription medication must be brought to camp in the original pharmacy container with label. Please remember, campers may not keep ANY medications in their room, this includes things such as Tylenol, Advil, vitamins, eyedrops, etc.
Parent Info, Forms & Waivers
Thank you for choosing American Dance Training Camps! Whether you're a first-time family or a seasoned dance camp veteran, we are excited to welcome you to what will be an amazing summer.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality program for your family. At ADTC we offer a true summer camp experience with an even balance between dance and awesome recreational activities. Our goal is to make this page your best resource for everything you need to prepare for camp.

As camp approaches we will periodically send out email updates, so be sure to keep an eye out. Plus, we send out lots of updates via Facebook, so please click here to follow us. We can't wait to welcome your family to camp! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email anytime.

See you soon!

~ The Staff at ADTC

Pre-Camp Checklist
Here is a list of things you need to do before camp:
  • Pay Your Tuition Balance! Email Lindsey ( if you haven't received your online invoice.
  • By May 15: Complete your 2020 Registered Camper Form.
  • By Friday Before Check-In: Purchase a Good Luck Ad in our show program, if desired.
  • Get Packing: Check out the ADTC Packing List.
Each and every day of camp our photographers are hard at work taking hundreds of the end of the day we post these photos to our Facebook page.

For camp care packages, we recommend you check out Sealed With A Kiss.

* Note: Parents will be required to sign waivers for activities that require them at check-in. If your child will be traveling alone to camp or getting a ride with a friend (or if you just want to be extra prepared before check-in), you can download, print & sign waivers & releases beginning June 1 - we will email you when they are available online.
ADTC 2020 Dance Camp Pricing: Tuition + Room & Board
ADTC tuition includes all core dance classes & electives (4 - 5 classes per-day), our unique Friday Night Show and most on-site activities (team events, night activities, etc.). Your tuition must be paid in full (including Room & Board) by the deadline to receive the discounted rate below. Here's the sample price calculation if you're a new overnight camper paying in full by 12/31 for 1 session in Texas: $799 Tuition + $499 TX Room & Board = $1,298 total ($100 OFF).

Overnight Camper Room & Board Rates

Overnight campers stay right on campus with our staff in residence halls with dorm rooms, lounges and laundry facilities. The "Room & Board" fee includes lodging, supervision and three meals per-day from Sunday night dinner through Saturday morning breakfast. The multi-week fee also includes Saturday night lodging & supervision between camp sessions, Saturday lunch & dinner, as well as Sunday morning brunch.
1 Week (6 nights): $499
2 Weeks (13 nights): $1,079
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