Adventure Day Camp (Walnut Creek)

975 N San Carlos Dr
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
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Camp Category: ACA Accredited, Adventure, Arts&Crafts, Coed, Community Service, Drama, Games, Horseback Riding, Lake, Music, Pool, Science, Service Learing, Swimming
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About Adventure Day Camp

Adventure Day Camp is a traditional summer camp experience that centers on the bonding and memories that are formed with fellow campers and our amazing staff. We promote group unity and hope to create an atmosphere where campers feel a sense of "family" within these groups and within the camp as a whole. Our program is fairly structured for weeks 1 & 2 of each session. During this time, campers will be offered the opportunity to participate in all of their available activities. It's during week 3 that we offer all of our activities as CHOICE OPTIONS during each afternoon. At this point of the session our campers know what they love so now it is time go explore!
Adventure Day Camp, a traditional summer day camp, provides a welcoming, lively, safe, positive, and diverse environment for children ages 3- 15. Our program exposes campers to a variety of challenging and exciting activities that will strengthen their teamwork skills, bolster their confidence, and develop their sense of self-esteem. The strength of our camp stems from our small group sizes, personal attention to each child, a wide array of activities, and an experienced staff dedicated to enriching children's lives.
We have two sites, The Seven Hills School in Walnut Creek and The Dorris-Eaton School in San Ramon. For both locations, we offer transportation serving: Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette, Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Livermore & the 680 Corridor from Martinez to Pleasanton.
At Adventure Day Camp, the three-week session allows campers to participate in both group and individual activities at their own pace. We believe the very first place our campers should feel at home is within their camp group. Bonding with other campers and their counselor is, after all, a big part of what summer camp is all about. Our sessions begin with the majority of activities offered within this group setting. We find this not only creates an environment where campers may try new and exciting endeavors that might otherwise feel intimidating, but also ensures that they are exposed to all of the activities we offer.

After our campers have been introduced to our program within the group setting, we allow them to choose many of the activities in which they wish to participate. We believe that once our campers have had a taste of all our activities at the beginning of the session, they should then be able to focus on the ones they enjoy the most.

Individual choice, group cohesion, varied programming, and an outstanding, conscientious staff all make for a fun-filled summer in the great outdoors!
A day at Camp
The Daily camp schedule is filled with fun and exciting activities. Each camper has the opportunity to choose the activities that interest them the most and will be able to participate in the wide variety of programs we offer.

9-10 Indoor / Outdoor Activities
10-11 Olympic Opening Event & Flag Making
11-12 Snack & Star Wars
12-1 Lunch & Indoor Play
1-1:30 Rest
1:30-2 Activities
2-3 Clubhouse
Waterfront Activities
Our campers love to swim and we welcome all levels from Non Swimmers to Advanced levels. Most weeks, campers will be in the pool 2-3 days. We use Clarke Pool in Heather Farm, which is a short 3 minute bus ride from The Seven Hills campus. All swimming is fully supervised by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and our Camp Counselors, positioned in and around the pools are used for additional supervision.

Throughout the session, campers will have the opportunity to visit the San Pablo Reservoir in Orinda to participate in our Boating program. Additionally increased instruction in Sailing and Kayaking is available to campers entering 3rd – 9th grade during our Activity Choice times.
Land Activities
Sports & Games
Our main goal for all of the sports and games activities is to have fun. We promote participation from everyone and instill the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout. We teach basic skills in all activities and work towards understanding of how each activity is played.

Horseback Riding & Exploring Nature
Horseback riding is certainly a camper favorite here at ADC! Campers entering
3rd - 9th grade will be offered a Horseback Riding CHOICE at least once a week. Campers entering PreK - 2nd grade will experience our amazing Miniature Horses 1 time during the first 2 weeks and will then have the choice to ride our full size horses during week 3. All lessons are taught as a basic introduction to Horseback Riding and no experience is necessary.

We love our campers to experience the wonder and beauty of the outdoors. Throughout each sessions there are countless opportunities to join our Nature Club, Gardening Club, or to create wonderful Nature themed art projects.

Extreme & New
Most campers are experiencing these activities for the first time and all campers can move at their own comfortable pace when exploring them. All of these activities are scheduled as Group Activities during weeks 1 & 2, and are offered as Choice optins during week 3.

Overnight Campout
On the 2nd Thursday / Friday of each Session, Adventure Day Camp will embark on our Overnight Camping Trip, held in Bort Meadows Group Site within Anthony Chabot Park.
We depart at 1:00 pm on Thursday and return back to The Seven Hills School on Friday at 11:30 am. Before arriving at Bort Meadows, our Prek – 2nd graders will visit the Steam Trains in Tilden Park while the rest of our campers visit Lake Temescal in Oakland. Although we encourage all campers to attend, we do recognize this might be a difficult decision for some campers and parents. If you feel your child is not yet ready for this amazing event, we do offer the option to pick up your child after dinner or during our campfire.
Arts & Crafts
Art, Music, Drama, & Special Event Days
The Adventure Day Camp program offers amazing activities, performances, and projects that bring out the artistic side of our campers. Join us for our Lip Sync performance, Staff Follies, Talent Show, and Camp Play. Bring your cameras!

Building & Science
Our campers love to build, be creative, and learn "how" and "why" something works. We offer a large variety of projects and activities to satisfy this passion.
Food & Nutrition
1. This summer Adventure Day Camp is excited to once again partner with School Foodies, the Bay Area's premier kids' lunch caterer, to provide delicious, nutritious HOT & COLD lunches to its campers.

2. For those days your child is not enrolled in the lunch program, please send your child with a bagged or cooler packed lunch. We cannot microwave lunch items. Adventure Day Camp does not provide snack so please send enough snacks with your child to keep them energized for the day. Each group will have a morning and afternoon time period designated for a snack. Camp Counselors will monitor their campers to make sure they are eating their snack each day. Occasionally Adventure Day Camp will provide fruit, popsicles, and limited amounts of candy. Please be sure you have indicated on your child's application if they have any food restrictions we should be aware of.
Forgot Your Lunch?
We understand that preparing your child for camp each day can be a hectic process. After your child is off to camp we all go through the check list in our heads. "Backpack? Check! Water bottle? Check! Favorite hat? Check! Lunch? Wait, why is that lunch I worked so hard to make still sitting in the fridge"? Yes, we appreciate these things happen from time to time. If you child forgets his / her lunch during the session we will notify you and make sure they are provided a lunch for the day. Because we are not prepared to provide lunch, we will charge your account $7 to cover the cost.
In our eyes, there is nothing more important to our program than hiring creative, experienced, and positive staff to share the summer with your child. Your child will be assigned a Camp Counselor that will guide them through their experience creating what we hope to be a truly special bond. In addition, our Program Directors are always available for increased supervision and overall program support. You will receive an email during week one from the Program Director associated with your child's age group. We welcome your feedback at any time during the session and are happy to provide feedback on how your child is doing in camp. Just ask! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns. We are looking forward to a fantastic summer. See you at camp!
Directions & Transportation
Door To Door Service
If you have chosen Home Transportation, your child will be picked up at your door between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, and arrive home between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM, depending on their placement on the route. We do not call each family to tell them the exact pick -up and drop-off times, but you may call or email our office Wednesday through Sunday during the week before your child's starting date to find a closer estimate of the route times. Authorized pickups will have to show a valid photo ID and sign out your child each afternoon. We ask that all campers be ready by 8:00 AM on the first day, although your child may be picked up later. After the first day, all pick-up and drop-off times will remain as consistent as possible.

Express Stop Service
If you have chosen our Express Stop Option you will be meeting our bus at a predetermined location between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM for morning pick-up and between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM for afternoon drop off. Estimated times for most stops are indicated on our online registration. If you selected Express Transportation when enrolling online, you should have already selected your location and times. For times and locations that our TBD, our Transportation Director will contact you to finalize the arrangements at least 1 week before the start of your session. Additional information including meeting address and exact times will be emailed during the week before your session starts.

IMPORTANT: Authorized pickups will have to show a valid photo ID and sign out your child when meeting at our Express Stops. Our bus will wait NO MORE than 10 minutes for late participants. If a route is more than 20 minutes behind schedule we will call to let you know. If you will not be using transportation on a given day please notify our office by 7:00 AM for morning pick-up and by 2:30 PM for afternoon drop-off.
At Adventure Day Camp the majority of our adult staff are certified in First Aid and CPR. In addition, our Health Care Coordinator, Sunshine Welch is certified as a CPR / First Aid instructor for the Lay Responder and Professional Rescuer. If your child has allergies, or takes medication while at camp, we require you to complete the enclosed Medication Log and submit it to our office no later than June 7, 2016. Also, if your child has an epipen on file we require that you complete the form Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan which is included in this packet. Although you are required to provide only 1 epipen during your child's session, we recommend supplying 2 so we can keep one with the Camp Counselor and 1 with the camp office. Please email or mail your forms. Our Health Care Coordinator will contact you before camp if there are any questions concerning the information on your child's form. Having complete information and awareness of potential health concerns your child may have is extremely important and necessary. We cannot administer any medications unless the Medication Log is completed and signed.
Sunscreen & Sun Safety
Adventure Day Camp has a strict policy of administering sunscreen at least 2 times a day. We begin our group activities (10:00 AM) by putting on sunscreen and then reapply right after lunch and then again at around 2:30 pm. . We ask that you apply sunscreen before they come to camp to insure they are protected at all times. This summer we are continuing our program called "Fun, Sun Safety". Through fun, interactive activities, campers will learn the importance of staying hydrated and protecting themselves from the sun's rays. You can do your part by sending your child prepared and knowledgeable about staying "Sun Safe"
Extended Care
Our extended care is included with your tuition and is offered from 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Drop-off and pick-up is at 975 North San Carlos Drive in Walnut Creek. Exact areas and procedures for drop-off and pick-up will be clearly marked on the first day of camp. A staff person will always be clearly visible for you to sign in and sign out your child. If not, please visit our Camp Office and we'll be happy to help you out. Important Points About Extended Care: • Please do not pick-up your child between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM if at all possible. During this time we are making important announcements, dismissing our bus routes, and most importantly taking roll. • When dropping off and picking up your child you must sign them in/out. • All people authorized to pick-up your child, including parents, must be prepared to show identification at all times. • Only the Parents/Guardians and Authorized Contacts you have specified on your application will be allowed to pickup your child. All other arrangements must be made through our office prior to your child's dismissal.

If Your Child Is Absent, Arriving Late, Or Being Picked-Up Early

If your child is going to be absent, arriving late to camp, or being picked up early it is extremely important that you notify the camp office in order for us to accurately account for all of our campers and to make the necessary arrangements. Please DO NOT give messages to the driver or counselors. The number to call for all absences, etc., is 925.937.6500. Feel free to leave absences and route changes on our machine if we are away from the office.

Play Dates & Sleep Overs
We love the fact that many campers make wonderful friends during their camp experience and want to strengthen these bonds by "hanging out" outside of camp. Although we encourage this, ALL arrangements must be made and agreed upon by both families BEFORE 2:30 pm the day of. If there is room on your child's bus we are happy to allow friends to ride the bus home and be picked up the next day if written permission is given before 2:30 pm the day of.

Lost And Found
Each summer we donate 5-6 garbage bags full of fantastic articles of clothing to the local charity. All of these items are unlabeled and unclaimed for 2 weeks after the last session. Although we are happy to help the local community through clothing donations, we truly would like to return all items to their rightful owners. We ask that you please clearly mark your child's name on EVERYTHING your child brings to camp.


Each session we will have 5-10 campers in our program that are fatally allergic to nuts. We aim to work together to allow these campers to have a safe and worry-free experience at ADC. Please do not send nut products to camp with your child. We recognize that this might be an inconvenience for some families. With that said, we ultimately understand the seriousness of food allergies and trust you will join our effort and dedication to keep all of our campers safe and healthy. The SchoolFoodie lunch menu and facility is completely nut free.

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